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Another High Voltage Cosmetics Haul

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

This was a small haul of mostly the Amp'd Up Gloss.  Not one to pass up any eyeshadow, I did order a couple to satisfy my summer hunger for color.

Amp'd Up Gloss ($6.50USD) comes in the black 5ML screw top jars.  You can apply the product with your fingers but I prefer a lip brush for a more pigmented application since these are a bit less opaque than the Lip Candy which I reviewed here.  The colors are still saturated compared to other cosmetic counter lip products and the texture is moisturizing.  I haven't had any problems with bleeding around the lipline but it could differ for you.  The following pictures are just the lip product without any lipliner. 

Dance Floor and Trendsetter are the two that lean towards the cool side of the spectrum, not cool toned as in blue undertone but not as warm as the other three as you will see.  Dance Floor is my favorite at this moment.  It reminds me of Sebastian's Trucco lipstick in Courtly, however that was just a bit darker, waxy, hard, and drying; similar to kissing a candlestick!  This one has that rose/pink/red with gold intertwined, the coolness and warmth is balanced and basically can be a good everyday color that goes with everything.  Trendsetter is a creamy pink, not really a candy Barbie doll pink but one that is almost what I call a pink that is nude.  Light as in a nude lipstick but not washed out because it is pink.  I thought I couldn't wear this one with my skintone but it works surprisingly well.

High Voltage Amp'd Up Gloss in Dance Floor and Trendsetter

The warm or red tones that I got are just as wearable in the summer sun as they will be in the winter.  They are season-less and have that touch of punk character to them.  Subtle yet dramatic all apply easily with a lip brush and provide a good punch of color.  Socialite is the sheerest of the bunch and one of the prettiest if you are looking for an easy going summer color.  It has that pinky coral base with gold shimmer.  Love Crush is the outrageously loud metallic orange red; the color of the moment.  Movie Night is a slightly deep terra-cotta red with gold; wearable because it isn't too dark and gothic. 
I couldn't end my order without any eyeshadows so I ordered just three to satisfy me for awhile.

High Voltage Amp'd Up Gloss in Socialite, Love Crush, and Movie Night

Lovesick Junkie ($6.50USD) is the perfect color for summer-orange but with that hint of duochrome coolness pink violet which tames the brightness of the orange.  Gorgeous to add to a neutral eye look.  London Nights ($6.50) is from Around the World collection I had to get this one for reasons of nostalgia, I loved my London nights and living there *sigh*.  The color is described as a grey green-blue with a flash of green.  On me it turned out more of a grey teal with flashes of gold.  Dreamy and a bit gothic, a color I use when I don't want a darkened smoky eye but a colorful one.  Queen of the Night ($6.50) is that soft all over highlighting color that can be used anywhere on the face; a soft pink with golden and orange shimmers.  A light and airy and also breathtaking to wear adds that little bit of glow to a blah look.

High Voltage eyeshadows in Lovesick Junkie, London Nights, and Queen of the Night

There you have my small haul.  I will probably do another one soon since I saw owner Jasmine make actual lipsticks!  I can't wait for those!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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