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Are You Spongeworthy: The Shape of Makeup Sponges

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Sponges were just a simple round disc or a wedge.  Nothing complicated to mull over at the local drugstore, just buy a bag.  That's it.  Now, you have to think and ponder over which sponge; the wedge, the round, the egg, the deformed egg, the vibrating one.  What the hell?

pic courtesy of amazon.com

I remember when my mum used these sea sponges for her pancake makeup.  She would wet the sponge and swirl it in the cake then apply.  Back then, makeup wasn't technologically advanced so there would be streaks of foundation.  After the foundation dried, she would take a foundation brush (which resembled a hairbrush back then) and buff to smoothness.  Nothing different from today but the sea sponge sometimes had these sharp chips in them and would scratch the face.  I remember scratching (cutting) my face with one.  I hate sea sponges, I don't care how natural they are.

Now, you have the pink egg or the Beauty Blender and the mutated one which looks like a chicken had a painful time laying it, the Sonia Kashuk.  Pretty and nice since there is a butt-cheek round end and a pointed end.  I know some of you are avid fans of these and that is great.  I had the Sonia Kashuk one and it lasted awhile then I gave it to my cat who took it outside and started an entire cat soccer league in the backyard at night.  That was fun to watch!  Then you have a company like Trish McEvoy (I believe it is discontinued now) who came out with a round version, like the egg was not good enough.  Perfectly round like a basketball, you would have to apply your foundation from the free throw line.  Why all these different shapes for a simple task?  If that isn't enough, forgo the manual labor and use the (((((vibrating))))) sponge by Lancome.  (Oooh this one gets me excited just thinking about it!)  So, what do I use?

pic courtesy of beautyblender.net

pic courtesy of polyvore.com

pic courtesy of nordstrom.com

I use just a simple wedge sponge.  However, I don't buy my sponges from the drugstore because those pretty much suck, literally.  They soak up the foundation like a vampire sucks blood.  If you ever looked at those sponges, you notice they aren't well made.  They have holes that are pretty visible and are soft and flimsy, lacking the firmness to spread the product evenly onto skin which turns into frustration.  BPE (Before Pink Egg), I had been using the *Alcone sponges.  These sponges are very affordable in price.  You get a block of 8 wedges for $2.50 or you can buy more to hoard.  These sponges are non-latex, firm but not hard, use wet or dry, and wash and dry.  These last a while before they tear.  I can get at least a good one month's use out of one wedge if used everyday.  And yes, like the higher priced sponge, it is biodegradable.

alcone sponges

See nothing fancy for me, just a simple wedge sponge that has no fancy shape.  Of course, if I wanted a unique shape I could always cut it into one.  No fancy color, I could dye it like an Easter egg to make it pretty.  No spending $20, I can spend the other $17.50 on a lipstick or eyeshadow.  So, I ask myself, am I spongeworthy?  Not in the designer sponge sense but maybe in the practical sponge sense.

*Sponges are also available at Camera Ready Cosmetics

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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