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What My Mind Goes Through to Franken a Nail Polish Called Tom Sawyer

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

If you are wondering what goes through my mind when I franken a polish, then you are in luck.  You get a peek inside my brain of how the remaining cells function. 

Frankening a nail polish is simple, you can mix colors together to get a different color and pretty much be happy with the result.  I couldn't do that because I just didn't know where to start; what colors would I use in my collection and what direction would I want it to go? Then, other questions would pop up like what happens if I don't like it?  How do I know how many colors to use?  What happens if I mess up?  The fear of mixing before ever pouring a drop.  Of course, I could always use color theory but I could do that with other stuff which I did and it left me less than enthused.  I needed inspiration.  My first frankens were inspired by the television show Fringe.  I knew what colors to choose and which direction to go, leading me to the end result.  Easy right?

As you know, I love Rush and in a previous post, I mentioned Tom Sawyer as the first music video I ever saw.  As I listened more to Tom Sawyer, I realized I had to create a polish that reflected this song.  First, what goes into my brain is Neil Peart's drumbeats, they start out long and a bit cautious then turn into an unsure feeling of confidence which eventually becomes a  full steady rhythm of self worth.  It turns into arrogance at times only to return to the importance of self, avoiding cockiness.  The beats represent the deepest and darkest emotions.  Dangerous if used wrongly because it turns to evil but when used right, it helps the good of mankind.

Deep and dark is where I start.  I choose a metallic army green.  However, it isn't dark enough so I mix it with a simple black for a deeper mix.  From here I go to Geddy Lee.

Geddy Lee connects the dark into the light.  The bass guitar follows or interacts with the drums yet the keyboard and Geddy's voice brings the flow of the song onto the surface and into the light.  I want a color that is dark to keep it at the same level yet bring it out into the light.  (Does that make sense?)

I take a deep violet purple with gleaming gold bits and mix it with the previous mixture.

Now comes Alex Lifeson's electric guitar.  His playing broadens  the spectrum, keeping a certain layer on the surface.  Not exactly one solid color but a glow, a shimmer.

Here, I choose a holographic polish to shift the color perspective to the surface when applied onto the nail.

After mixing everything, I have pretty much what I had envisioned from the start.  Of course, there involves just a bit of tweaking and some magic!  How did it turn out? Stay tuned for the next post. In the meantime, Rock On!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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