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What Olivia Did to Ruin Her Nails and Zoya Gemma

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I had the distinct pleasure of playing plumber this past weekend. Okay, it wasn't a pleasure nor would I have wanted to be one, but I wasn't willing to call a plumber to fix my pipes.  I was being totally stubborn.  What was suppose to be about a 1 hour ordeal spanned two f*cking days!

First, I went to my big chain hardware store that sounds like "low" (but plural) to buy the replacement pipes for the lavatory sinks.  (I had to replace two bathrooms.)  Obviously, I looked lost and this butch looking woman employee helped me but before she did, she looked at my lanky body and my dolled up face (I was just wearing bronzer, a wash of shadow, mascara, and lipgloss).  I obviously lacked the muscular structure she had so she asked me if I ever changed any pipes.  I said no BUT I changed a toilet.  Not really though, I changed the inner workings of one.  She said jokingly that would qualify me enough.  Whatever!  I was rolling my eyes, well on the inside.  Anyway, I got the stuff that I needed and left.

With my handy pipewrench in hand, I unscrewed or tried to unscrew the pipes, but that was unnecessary because they broke because of corrosion and all this black goo was all over me.  (I could have puked.)  Okay, so the pipes broke, I was putting in new ones.  WRONG!  Into the main drainage, the remaining rotted pipe was stuck and I had to scrape it out with a screwdriver while avoiding getting cut which would have been a nightmare due to the rust.  Finally, I got the pipe out, cut the new pipes down to their size and screwed them into the proper pattern.  Fine, then I did the other bathroom the next day because I was tired!

After replacing the pipes for both bathrooms successfully, I can say that I AM SO F*CKING PROUD OF MYSELF!!!!   Here is the finished result from one of the bathrooms.


All the while as I was playing plumber, I noticed a green color of corrosion on the pipes and I thought, "I need to paint my nails with Zoya Gemma!"  Yeah, my mind wandered, which could be the reason why the repair took a while.

Zoya Gemma

In the process thoughI did ruin my nails and not to mention my fingers were sore from loosening the nuts and pulling the pipes out.  I gave myself a good manicure treatment of soaking my hands in hot water and got rid of the goop under my nails and moisturized them and my hands.  I admit it didn't take away all the dryness and I apologize for the dry looking hands in the following pictures.

ruined nails

Zoya Gemma-is a murky green with a slight soft shimmer duochrome of blue/purple.  I think if it were just the green then it would have reminded me not of my pipes but what a baby would throw up after it ate peas.  I am not saying I don't like this color, I actually like it.  The color is definitely a soft spoken type which I am not used to but it does have a relaxing effect.

The following pictures show the color in different lighting from indoor, sunlight, and shade.  I applied 3 coats for full opacity.

indoor lights

indoor lights w/ flash, outdoor sunlight, outdoor shade w/ flash

There you have it.  I am still a dedicated beauty junkie because I associate practically anything with some beauty product and in this case nail polish.  Would I do a repair like this again?  Sure, why not.  Now, if only I learned to be a mechanic for one day, I wonder what colors I would think about.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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