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Fyrinnae Liquid Eyeliner Inks-Part 2

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

What I loved about Fyrinnae Inks ($9USD) were the unusual colors.  Every cosmetic company had the normal black to violet but Fyrinnae said, "F*ck it, we can make any color."  And the color could be found wearable by someone.

Check out Fyrrinae Colour Changing Inks.

I really don't know how many Inks there were but I bought most of them because of an addiction I like their inks.  They even custom made a red one (Sensual Scarlet) for me since I had a very hard time finding a nice red eyeliner.  Yeah, red eyeliner, weird I know.

Fyrinnae Inks
  • Flattery Will Get You Everywhere-It looks like stoned champagne to me, not drugged out but greyed out champagne shimmer.
  • Thunderstorm-shimmery midtone grey with just a touch of blue.
  • Sterling Starlight-think of Tin Man but with some sparkle.
  • Tinsel Taupe-silvery taupe.
  • Bionic Brown-deep shimmery brown with specks of gold and copper.
  • Dazzling Darkness-blackened blue with blue and purple sparkles.
  • Ninja-black as black.
  • Lewd Lavender-delicate light bluish purple.
  • Captivating Cobalt-shimmery deep blue.
  • Midnight Mistress-shimmery deep ocean blue.
  • Turquoise Tease-shimmery bright cerulean blue.
  • Flamboyant Forest-vibrant and shimmery emerald green with flecks of teal.
  • Vive Le Venom-shimmered khaki green with gold.
  • Superheroine-shimmery gold/ochre.
  • Charismatic Cream-softly shimmered fleshtone ivory.
  • Lollerskates-shimmery buttercup yellow.
  • Roflcopter-shimmery candy orange.
  • Sensual Scarlet-sinful cardinal red.
  • Saturn Sunset-shimmery purple magenta with some copper specks
  • Brazen Burgundy-darkened burgundy
  • Violet Vendetta-shimmery dark purple

These inks were my box of crayons.  The unusual colors just brought a smile to my face and sometimes strange looks from people when I wore them.  Who cares, I was enjoying myself and that is what Fyrinnae is good at, a line that lets you enjoy color!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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