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Indie-Pendent Post - The Copper Bee Cosmetics

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Can there be a loose eyeshadow that feels exquisite?  Before you answer that question, why do you avoid them or better yet why do you not use them if you have some?  Could it be they just don't stick or adhere onto the skin well?  I know fallout is the number one culprit when it comes to loose shadows.

Of course, fall out occurs with pressed shadows but loose is more prone to it especially if you are in the breeze of the air conditioner!  (<---avoid the a/c when applying loose shadows).  Sure, you can use an eyeshadow base for them to stick but what happens if you are mature woman and find some bases make the lid look crepey.  Or you prefer just to use your concealer since it provides a better blending base at times.  What if there was a line that provided loose eyeshadows with the smoothest application and adherence and one of the best color payoffs, would you try it?  I did!

Actually, I was perusing Etsy with just the intention of looking and not buying anymore eyeshadow especially since I had every color of the rainbow already.  But, I came upon neutrals in a satin finish.  I didn't have any neutrals in that finish....IN LOOSE FORM!  That was my reason for trying a couple of neutrals from The Copper Bee Cosmetics line.

The Copper Bee has reasonably priced shadows at $6.50USD for a 5 gram jar with sifter or kits that would discount the individual price of a shadow even more.  At the moment there is a sale on some colors.  They also sell samples so you aren't committed to the full size.  I bought full sized eyeshadows since I could always use satiny neutrals.  Shipping is reasonable for both within the U.S. and international.

The Copper Bee: Black Out, Bunny, Coco

The Copper Bee: Lioness, Mocha, Psychobabble

  • Black Out-(received as a sample)-pure black
  • Bunny-satin warm peach brown finish with just a slight spark
  • Coco-satin neutral mid brown-can be used as a crease color
  • Lioness-satin warm brown with a slight golden copper finish
  • Mocha-matte mid brown that buffs into a dark taupe brown
  • Psychobabble-satin dark beige

The Copper Bee: After Party
  • After Party-satin antiqued bronze.  This one can be three different colors depending on how it is applied. 

As I was saying in the beginning, can a loose eyeshadow be exquisite in touch?  Yes, because these are.  They are silky smooth and apply like a dream on the eyes because they actually will stick onto the eyes but still be easy to blend.  You don't need a synthetic brush to apply these, just use the brushes you have.  Remember to tap the excess for minimal fallout which is done with all eyeshadows loose or pressed.  You don't have to pat these onto the lid, you can glide them across like you do a pressed shadow.  The colors will stick and pigment is plenty.  I found that I like these better on top of a regular concealed eye, no special primer that would make it stick because I found blending hard to do.  In the following pictures I did exactly that-concealer base on the eyes.  If you want one of the easiest to work with black mineral liners, get the Black Out.  Applied wet, this glides across the lashline smoothly.

Exquisite in texture, easy to apply, works with many skin types, and reasonably priced.  If ever you wanted something that felt high end but didn't want to pay the price or avoided all those preservatives and fillers, then The Copper Bee has your eyeshadows.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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