My First Sponging Attempt on My Nails

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

After my last frankened attempt which I was not too happy about but happy enough that other people liked it, I figured I would just do the normal thing with the polish that I have.  I would apply straight out of the bottle.  I started out with OPI Planks A Lot from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.

Honestly, I found the color a bit bland for my taste, a greyed-out purple/lavender.  A color that reminded me of holding a beautiful purple flower only to be kicked in the face with some sand by some beefed up beach bully.    I need to dress it up with something.

Looks like the combo would be great for a dress!

So, I noticed a couple of my unspongeworthy sponges and decided to try my hand at sponging.  With my first attempt, I decided to add OPI Lucerne Tainly Look Marvelous.  On its own it is a sparkly, sheer, silvery, green grey color; a nice neutral that could be worn all year round.  Then on top of that I added ORLY Bubbly Bombshell, a polish of pure magenta glitter.  When I saw this polish all I could think about was the Vegas Strip and the showgirls-glam and glitter! 

Polishes in various lighting

I guess it is a pretty good first attempt and the color combination goes well together.  What do you think?

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