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Sula Beauty-The Powder Eyeshadows

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

I told you I was enamored by the Sula Beauty line, enough so that I bought more eyeshadow when I swore to myself not to buy anymore this year.  I REALLY HAVE TOO MUCH EYESHADOW!  However, these were just too pretty to pass up and like the other stuff I bought from this line, the colors are refreshingly clear and feminine.

I ended up buying four powder eyeshadows and an eye crayon.  The eye stuff pretty much correspond with each other, meaning the powder stuff is the same color stuff as the creme shadows and pencils.  You can layer the colors for more intensity.  See You in September-soft fawn; Envy Looks Good-soft pistachio green; Purple Haze-lavender purple; Written in the Stars-soft pink.  All these powders have a soft shimmer but nothing glittery or frosty, more of a satin shimmer which makes it nice on mature eyes too.  The eye crayon Never Say Never is a soft shimmered brassy brown.

Sula powder eyeshadows

Sula Eye Crayon in Never Say Never

The powders have pigment but none of that in-your-face vividness because these are soft sherbet colors that really look nice and feminine.  Admittedly, they don't possess the smoothness of the high end prestige lines but you are paying for that binder which allows that smooth slip in the formula.  This line, you are paying for the product that has quality colors and no parabens, silicones, or pthalates.  They do apply with ease.   Same with the eye crayon; it could crease on some eyes but I find this formula to have a slight stickiness well not really sticky but a staying power compared to other eye crayons.  I have used this as a base and found no creasing but it all depends on the oiliness of the eye.  Your mileage may vary.

As you can see on my eyes, they are colorful enough for the camera.  For eye on the left, I used Written in the Stars on the browbone and Purple Haze on the lid with Never Say Never lining the eyes.  On the one on the right, I used Envy Looks Good and layered  atop of the creme shadow Why Not for more intensity.  I used Written in the Stars on the browbone, See You in September between the two and Never Say Never as an eyeliner.

Sula powder eyeshadows

You don't get that usual smoky eye colors or the taupes and beiges in this line; you get playful, feminine, and refreshing ones instead.  And for $8, this stuff is definitely worth a look and a great addition to your already big collection.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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