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Sula Beauty - The Fragrances

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Sula.  You know how I bought all those make up products (and more).  Well, I figured it was time to try the fragrances.  Knowing that I couldn't easily choose just one, I bought the Discovery Set ($36USD).  This set includes six of their fragrances in a rollerball container.  Each rollerball is about 2 ¼" high (5.7cm).  There is an ample amount in each container to leave and create an impression of each scent.

Here are my impressions of each.  Please note that I am no expert in fragrance and the descriptions below are just impressions of what pop into my mind when I smell them.
  • Butterfly Kiss-This one reminds me of just running through the meadows with no worries in the world.  That moment in time when you are that little girl dreaming of how the future will be.  Innocent and dreamy this scent starts out light and flowery with the pink peony and grows up and into the blackberry and gardenia ending on a light wisp of freesia's softness.

  • Champagne Sugar-The light bubbliness of the sparkling champagne is what I get in the initial spray, winding its way into the ginger and the sweetness of soft sugar.  As it dries down, it smells of jelly beans.  Okay, more like fruit jellies with a floral touch.  I admit I am not a fan of sweet scents.  I prefer sweetness to be in my mouth and not on my skin.  However, compared to other scents that market sweetness, I find this one isn't cloyingly sweet.  

  • Stiletto Musk-This is a sultry dusky scent.  It isn't musty like a grandma's attic or anything like that but it does remind me of opening a treasure chest full of mystery.  The initial scent I thought smelled like cedar could be the amber, drying down to a musky floral scent.  This scent for me is more of a fall winter scent.  I find it a bit heavy for the warm weather and feel the scent isn't fully represented in the heat.  I think cooler weather will allow the scent to disperse much evenly.

  • Vanilla Blossom-First thought, heavy on the vanilla.  Definitely a warm wooly scent edging towards a cool Spring.  The slight floral scent of the cherry blossom does lighten the scent a bit making the vanilla wearable.  The tonka bean does weigh this scent down at the end which some of you might like.  Personally, I find it a bit heavy for my taste but still a nice scent for the cold months.

  • Sunkissed Citrus-The first note I smelled was grapefruit in this one.  A crispy morning breakfast type scent, a bit on the healthy side too!  The tangerine that comes afterwards leads nicely into the bergamot which sits nicely with the rest of the zesty lemony citrus scents.  Nothing too over the top fruity just enough to give that sunkissed sort of scent to wake you up.

  • Blackberry Blush-This one starts out teasing the nose with blackberry.  You think it is that simple scent but then it goes into a much more sophisticated and what I find a bit cheeky, cassis and osmanthus.  Flowery in the beginning but ends up on a deep slightly rich note of vanilla and rose with a touch of musk.  I love this one!  This is my favorite scent out of all of them.  I think it is because it is refreshingly feminine yet sophisticated.  I fell in love with this one so much that I did buy the full size version ($32USD).  xoxo on this!

There you have it, a very unprofessional review by someone who just wears fragrance to evoke a certain mood without analyzing the scent.  As a note, I do have many fragrances in my collection and admittedly do not review them for the fear of making a fool of myself.  In fact, I was more into fragrances than make up way before but never really took time to study the different notes of any of them.  I just like to enjoy wearing fragrance and I enjoy wearing Sula's because they really represent the 21st century woman!


Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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