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Thierry Mugler Cosmetics - Regard Stellaire Sublime Nature

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I admire Thierry Mugler as a fashion designer, he is an artiste with a fantastic vision of runway trends.  He is like the geek of fashion, creating futuristic and sexy clothing for a very hip space station.  I bet if he could buy real estate on Mars, there would be a Thierry Mugler nightclub there.  He is cool, he is geeky, he is a true fashion icon.  But it is his make up line that leaves me a bit queasy.

I know make up prices are going higher and higher to the point where a credit card is handy more than the cash.  I bought this Regard Stellaire Sublime Nature eyeshadow quad years back when he just came out with the line.  I really don't remember how much it was back then but now this is $70USD.  Yes, I was into the expensive stuff and honestly I still would be if I didn't have dupes of the colors from my Faces Cosmetics.  (You know the 100 shadows I was suppose to do EOTD's of but forgot.) 

This palette which is priced so ridiculously high for four small, well three, since one is an eyeshadow base came in a box.  There were no applicators and you can see there is no mirror.  At first, I thought there was a hidden drawer underneath that housed some sponge applicators but no unless I overlooked the secret button to open that area.  Since I bought this years back, I threw away the box and don't really remember all the stuff listed in the ingredients but I do remember PTFE (teflon), silica, and possibly boron nitride; all the ingredients that would make them slip and slide apply so exquisitely. 

The colors are what represent "Sublime Nature"; a set of three neutrals satin peach ivory, glimmer peach, and matte dark brown.  The fourth is a square of eyeshadow base which is a bit on the dark side.  If you have porcelain skin, use this sparingly or not at all.  I hate the color of this eyeshadow base but I love how smoothly it applies.  Too bad it isn't sold separately.  (Wait, I wouldn't pay that much for just an eyeshadow base anyway.)  The colors go on smoothly but they are very sheer.  Building up color is possible to a point but it takes a lot of coaxing, and using them wet won't work.   Thus, the name sublime in the title I guess.

The colors on my eyes

The colors for my taste run a bit too warm and admittedly not the greatest as the day wears on.  I think it has to do with the eyeshadow base which should be lighter.  It darkens or warms the colors even more.  Yes, I am unhappy with these eyeshadows, but I keep it to remind me what a fool I was for buying this.  You know this palette costs more than the Viseart Basic eyeshadow set and the eyeshadows are just as smooth!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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