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Vintage Lipsticks by Dior and Japanese Brand Crie

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

LoodieLoodieLoodie had a post on vintage Cutex polish from the 90's.  I was trying to think what makeup stuff I had from way back.  I usually don't keep cosmetics since I really can't stand the clutter.

I also can't stand tucking the stuff away in a box for a long time because eventually some cockroach will find it.  (You have probably seen those flamboyant cockroaches roaming your neighborhood.)  The only cosmetic stuff that I tucked away in a nice, clean, and dry environment were three lipsticks.  Two of them were made by Dior and one was by Crie (pronounced coo-ree-ay).

I only swatched these lipsticks because they smell like a crayon.  They are rancid and I didn't want to get sick.  The Dior lipsticks I kept because I liked the design of the container.  They look like chic barbells.  The two colors are Hula Hoop-a copper-red/brown and Violet Tactic-a mauve rose.  Even though, I don't remember wearing these back in the early 90's, I do remember thinking I wish I had more of a nude lipstick and that is where Crie came in.  Actually, I had another color in this company and I think it was a lavender pink which was not my color at all, thus the reason why I don't have it.  This one I got from Japan.  Japan had great nude or beige tone lipsticks since the early 80's.  I remember searching high and low for nude colors here in the States but no luck, had to wait out a decade to finally see a variety here.

Crie is a line that was found in salons in Japan.  And let me say this line is not popular nor well known.  Took some detective work to find this line.  The color is a soft pink-peach beige.  It has a nice creamy texture and the color was, well nude for that time.  I guess I stopped wearing it because I wanted something more nude and bland.  Yes, I wanted a concealer color for my lips and this just wasn't cutting it.

Fast forward, I guess these lipsticks really set the stage for the search for the perfect lipstick whether it be a nude, a mauve rose (my lips but better), or a red.  Have I found the perfect color?  Yes, at the time but then I got bored and had to find a variation of what is perfect, continuing my search.  Soon the ones I have will become vintage again and you can see me writing about them as I am rocking in my rocking chair.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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