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Happy Halloween!! A Recipe for Blood..and maybe Guts!

The following is an excerpt of the interview and the full article by Aaron Sagers can be can be read here.

I had a beauty post ready but it is Halloween.  And when I think of Halloween I think of the actor Bruce Campbell (currently starring in Burn Notice) who starred in the greatest horror movies of all time the Evil Dead movies:  Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness.  So when @AaronSagers a paranormal pop fiend/writer of paranormalpopculture.com interviewed @groovybruce to give his blood-curdling special effects recipe.  Well, I just had to pass this on, after all blood has to look as real and gory on camera and anything fake can easily be ousted thanks to HD nowadays!

pic taken from here

Whether you prefer the shambling or sprinting camp, there’s no excuse to be a shoddy zombie at a Halloween party.

Sure, retail stores have stocked up on fake blood and latex applications this October, but those are the same pre-packaged apps anyone could buy and use. That’s not good enough for a dedicated nerd who wants to take their effects to the next level.

So we’ve assembled a few movie magic tips from makeup gurus who know how to make you look horribly awesome this Halloween.

Bruce Campbell (“Evil Dead” & “Burn Notice” actor and erstwhile low-budget filmmaker who had to work on his own effects)
Nobody has any excuse to not have a recipe for good makeup; it’s all online. All you have to do is Google ‘special effects makeup’ and you’ll probably get a dozen or more ‘how-tos.’

What you need to do is get into latex to make your skin look different. You need to get into some colors to make yourself not look normal. Derma Wax [also known as Mortician’s Wax] is good for bumps and lumps. Between latex, Derma Wax and clown white, you’re halfway there.

A good blood recipe is critical.

Most people don’t know how to do good blood. It’s a corn syrup base, the Karo corn syrup. Get the clear kind, not the dark kind. You mix everything in that bottle; you don’t even change the bottle. Take the lid off and pour in some coffee creamer that’s already been mixed up, like Coffee-Mate.

Blood is opaque, so you need a little bit of white opaque mixture in there. It could be milk, but it will go bad on you, so I say a non-dairy creamer. Mix that up, get the lumps out, pour a little of that in.
Then take one of those red food coloring things you get in the store – not the four pack, but a separate red food coloring and pour the whole thing in. Mix that up really well, and test it on a white surface like your sink or bathtub.

You might need a drop of blue food coloring to keep it from getting too pink or too red. But don’t put in literally more than one or two drops because it will turn it to make it purple. Coloration is key. It will stay extremely sticky. A note to everybody: It will get on everything. Whatever you touch, it will get on it. Be judicious with it, or don’t care about it. Blood is one of the main things that if you get it wrong, you blew it.

Aaron Sagers and Bruce Campbell rock! \m/

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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