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My Thoughts on Wet n Wild Eyeshadows

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Yes, I have some Wet n Wild eyeshadows.  They were hidden deeply in my box of shadows. Wet n Wild has a long standing memory in my life because of the price.  I remember as a little girl the stuff sold for 59¢ each or 2 for $1 at Walgreens and when it was on sale the stuff was 3 for $1.  Today, it is still a bargain drugstore line but how does it compare to what I have tried?

First of all, this is a consumer grade line meaning the product is geared towards use by the regular consumer and isn't considered a pro makeup artist line.  That being said, I will just base my review on a consumer point of view.  The eyeshadow palettes I bought are the Vanity Coloricon palette ($4.99USD) which houses three mattes and three non-mattes in the similar color family.  The mattes: soft peach ivory, soft maple, and dark brown with some red undertones.  The non-mattes: ivory, amber, and a root beer brown.

Wet n Wild Vanity Palette

The other is Comfort Zone ($4.99USD) which houses eight shimmery shadows to be used in various configurations.  The colors in this one are a peach and champagne, beige terracotta and celery green, neutral brown and blackened golden olive, and dark red brown and a duochrome red brown with blue.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

For a drugstore line, I would say these are one of the best to use if you are teen or a young woman who is on a tight budget.  Or better yet, someone who just wants to play around with some colors but is not willing to buy the high end stuff.  The color payoff compared to what it was before and to what it was during my teen years has greatly improved.  The texture has improved also thanks to the addition of Nylon-12 and boron nitride.  These provide a smoother application on the skin.  However, and I know many will disagree, I do not find these shadows to be enhancing on the skin texture of mature eyelids.  I am not saying to any mature woman not to buy these, but there are cosmetic products out there that will enhance the natural wisdom of a mature woman better.

Would I buy more Wet n Wild products?  Sure, they are like candy of the makeup world who can resist the stuff at that price? The pricing alone lures me in yet I will know not all of the products will look good on me unless someone finds a way turn back the years.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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