Nails of the Moment-ORLY Emberstone

I bought this awhile back when the display of ORLY Mineral FX had been slightly pillaged.  I didn't have a selection to choose from but I figured why not try what was left.  The one I show here is the Emberstone.  I am not really a red nail polish wearer.  I know it is a classic color but for some reason red polish makes me feel so matronly.  (That's only me and not on someone else.)  However, this color really changed my mind.  The color can look like a warm tomato red to a raspberry both with gleaming glints of gold and pink.  The pictures don't do the color justice because the texture of it contributes to its unique color payoff.  To me it looks like a raspberry colored cellophane had been wrapped around a cluster of gold encrusted rubies and pink sapphires.

Orly Emberstone

In different lighting conditions
Notice the perturbed expression

Hey Anna, my cat says, "Hi!"
The color goes well with anything and that includes Siamese neutrals.

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