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Puttin' On the Glitz - Tarte Cosmetics 2011 Holiday Collection

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Puttin' On the Glitz ($48USD) is part of Tarte's 2011 Holiday Collection.  This is a limited edition zip-up clutch bag that holds a palette consisting of six eyeshadows and a face color.  You get three palettes each with their own theme: A Walk in the Park, Nine-to-Five, and Girls Night Out.  Also included is a sheer pink lipgloss.

A Walk in the Park consists of mix of cool and warm, shimmer and matte eyeshadow colors and the blush in Darling.  The colors are the following: shimmer amber, shimmer purple with a pink sheen, shimmery champagne peach, shimmery rose-pink with silver glimmer, cool matte taupe, and shimmer ivory.  The blush Darling is a coral pink infused with gold.  These are easy-going colors that brighten up a face for that everyday look.

Nine to Five palette colors consist of rich jewel tones and matte textures for the mix of sophistication. The eyeshadows come in the following: rich shimmery dark emerald, matte dark brown, shimmery warm brown, matte maple brown, matte ivory leaning towards peach, and a shimmery golden sand beige.  Park Ave Princess is included as a face color in this palette-soft and light golden brown bronzer.

Girls Night Out is a palette of sophisticated smoky mattes and sparkly silver shimmers that go together for that soft smoky eye.  Glint and glimmer with the depth of jewel toned mattes.  Included as a face color is a soft champagne highlighter.  Here are the eyeshadow colors:  matte charcoal, matte plum, smoked purple taupe with silver glimmer, charcoal emerald with silver glints, shimmery mauve taupe, and simmer beige.

The lipgloss comes in the click-pen style.  The color is a very sheer pink that will work on anyone.  There is a scent of peppermint which will soothe the lips and if you are sensitive could possibly dry them out. 

The colors in these palettes are all wearable, nothing obnoxious or too vivid to wear.  The textures of the powders are silky and easy to blend.  There is enough pigment to enhance anyone's eyes without looking over done.  The palettes alone supposedly stay shut with the embedded magnet, but I find it weak.  If you are going to travel with them, I would put them in the clutch which zips up and protects them from flipping open.

For the price of $48USD, I find this to be a great Holiday bargain.  You get 18 wearable eyeshadows and 3 face colors plus the lipgloss.  There aren't any colors that will make you look bad, all enhance and will not distract.  I am actually happy and surprised that I like this one.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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