Stilazzi Set Bags-Pro Set Bag (Conclusion)

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

My last post, I reviewed the Stilazzi Traditional Set Bag.  A nylon black bag that carried the essentials for the makeup artist and hair artist.  In this post, I review the Stilazzi Pro Set Bag in clear ($49.95USD).  The bag is made of a very durable and thick clear vinyl.  The vinyl may be stiff at first and it was suggested by Stilazzi to use a warm blow dryer to soften it a bit.

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The bag measures 18"L x 10 ½"H x 6 ½"W.  It has 6 exterior pockets that snap close, a side pocket for a kleenex box, and two interior zip pockets.  The carry handles are covered to prevent the straps from digging into the fingers.  There is an adjustable but non-detachable shoulder strap.  Unlike the previous set bag which opened and closed with velcro, this one is a very sturdy zipper.

This is one of Stilazzi's bestsellers and I can see why.  It is a clear bag that carries the essentials and more.  Did you see the side pocket?  You can put a thin kleenex box in there and use it without ever having to pull it out thanks to the zipper opening! How cool is that?

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In my picture I put in baby wipes as another example.  This is one handy pocket!

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See what it holds?

The clearness of this bag allows the artist to see all that is inside, taking out what is only needed with ease.  No reason to unload everything just to find one item.  For the makeup junkie, it allows the admiration of other junkies to gaze at the collection of colors accumulated without having to empty the bag.  It also allows the gazer to guess how much is in the bag, kind of like guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar.

And for the foodie, yes it can carry the snacks!

This is one awesome and functional bag!

Remember, if you are a makeup artist, Stilazzi does offer a pro discount. Contact them at  And follow them on Twitter @Stilazzi.

Disclosure:  Bag provided by Stilazzi for review.
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