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tarte neutralEYES eyeshadow palette volume II

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I wasn't planning on buying this palette at all but when ULTA sends me a 20% off card that includes prestige items, well it is hard to resist.  I first laid eyes on the Tarte NeutralEYES palette ($44USD) during the hot summer months where my brain refuses to process color because it is being fried by the sun. 

I remember dropping the new tester on the floor at ULTA watching all the shadows scatter.  Miraculously none of the shadows broke!  This action answered two questions: the palette is magnetized and the magnet isn't as strong as I expected.

Now, with the crisp fall air waffling about and my brain beginning to function properly.  I bought the palette because it was a nice set of neutrals.  I know you are thinking I have enough neutrals in my stash and you are right.  I really don't need more do I but when the colors are cleverly housed together in a cute palette, temptation sets in.

The palette houses 10 eyeshadows: 5 mattes and 5 shimmers.  There is a dual-sided brush, a brown Aqua-Gel eyeliner ($18USD), and a sample size of Lifted Eyelid Primer ($20USD) which I reviewed here

The colors in this palette are pretty much for the easy-going non dramatic look.  You can get a soft smoky look from this palette but if you really like dark and smoky, skip this one.  The colors are mostly on the light to medium side which will render a shade that is the depth of your skin tone if you are on the light side and more highlighted if you are on the dark side in person and in photos.

What I like about this palette is the mix of mattes and shimmers.  The top row contains 5 matte shades-matte soft beige, matte pink cashmere, matte buttercream (looks slightly peach), matte pebble (light taupe), matte espresso.  The bottom row contains the shimmers-shimmering whispering pink, shimmering golden peach, shimmering hazel (soft medium brown), shimmering plum smoke (soft lavender), shimmering cinnamon (warm dark brown).  As you can see the most of the matte tones mimic flesh-tones and the shimmers just add a soft touch of glow.  The textures of both of these are smooth and easy to work with.  The mattes aren't chalky but soft and satiny.  The shimmers just give that slight glow to the eyes.

The only product I don't like in this palette is the Aqua-Gel eyeliner.  I find the texture too soft where the tip breaks off.  I also hate how the wet texture dries to a weird finish which will pull the lashline into some wrinkly look.  I skip this product altogether and just add another brush in my palette.

Here is a simple daytime look I got using the matte pink cashmere on the browbone, matte espresso on the outer edge of the eyes, shimmering hazel on the lids and bottom lashline, shimmering whisper pink on the inner corner and eyeliner in blackened plum.  Nothing fancy, the results are normal and wearable.  Does anyone think that stare in the pic makes me look like some serial killer-the Dexter stare?  Or maybe, I just watch too much Dexter.

Is this palette worth the $44USD?  For me at the moment it is.  I am currently just doing just the polished daytime look to get me through the day.  If I want something more dramatic, all I have to do is just add some colors from my Puttin' On the Glitz palettes and I am set!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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