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Phil Keoghan NOW - His Amazing Luggage

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

There are two items that I hate to go casual shopping for and those are jeans and luggage.  Shopping for jeans is like a Road Block, it is a task that gets me so frustrated that I just give up.  Many of you know that it takes many brands to try on to find that decent pair that will look good and feel good on the body. 

I would rather have an Express Pass for this task.  Luggage is another item I can't stand to shop for because I never find one that really is organized enough.  With the luggage I see, I am usually better off just packing my stuff in a box because that is how some of them are--just an empty open space.  Then, by chance I caught Phil Keoghan on HSN selling his own brand of luggage called NOW or No Opportunity Wasted.  Knowing how much traveling Phil has done with The Amazing Race, I knew that this was the luggage I had to buy. 

I know you are thinking why review this on a beauty blog.  Well, I am so impressed by this that I had to show it.  The organization of it surpasses what I would have thought.  Every compartment, every handle, everything is perfect!

I bought the Phil Keoghan NOW 20" Spinner Upright ($116.95).  The measurements are 13 ¾"L x 11 ½"W x 23"H and is made or 1680 denier ballistic polyester.  The luggage comes in four colors-black, green, sky blue, or red.  I bought the sky blue.  The interior is in orange.  Why? Because when you are jet-lagged, this color will allow finding things easier.  Eyes won't be focused but the contrast will allow them to see better.  The zipper pulls are big for easy grab and have an orange logo on them to catch your eye.  Nice!

The Front

The front area has two zip pockets.  One is a small pocket for your cell phone, easy and instant access.  The larger zip pocket is for other stuff like your amenities.  There is a handy  clear plastic to hold those liquids, easily detachable to show.  Another double zip compartment opens to hold any other stuff like magazines and laptop. 

Main Compartment

The main area opens with a double zipper, exposing a big main compartment and the interior with a mesh compartment and two elasticized pockets.

The Sides

One side of the luggage has a handle.  You will notice with this piece there are lots of handles to grab easily.  The other side--get this--has a HAMPER!!!! Yes, this is what sold me!  I don't know about you, but I hate to mix my dirty clothes with my clean ones.  I always traveled with a bunch of plastic bags to house the dirty stuff.  This one comes with a hamper and its own laundry bag which measures 26"L x ¼"W x 36"H.  Put all the dirty stuff in there and stuff in into the plastic lined hamper which also keeps the smell and wetness separate from the main compartment!  I love this!

The Top and Bottom

The top has a cushioned handle and the bottom has a recessed area for easy grabbing.  Grab both ends and put the luggage in the overhead compartment without struggling to hold the bottom, this avoids dropping it onto someone's head.  The wheels are sturdy and rotate 360º.  The handle is a telescopic one that adjusts to a person's height.  You can drag this behind you or just push it in front of you.

There is also a backpack, travel accessories system, and a 28-inch NOW Spinner.  The backpack has a little bag to hold your laptop which will also fit in the front compartment of this one.  The travel accessories system organizes all the other little things you have and the 28-inch is for those longer stays which also has a hamper!

So, here I am with the luggage that I didn't even have to shop for, just turned on the tv.  And, here is the one pair of jeans that fit.  If only every pair of jeans fit perfectly, then I wouldn't feel like I am in The Amazing Shopping Race when I look for a new pair!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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