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Physicians Formula Kohl Eyeliner Trios

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

There is a feeling of freedom in drugstore binges.  You don't have some cosmetic counter sales assistant telling you what you need and what will work in addition to the products you want.  You don't have your mind rationalizing against the sales assistant towards some of the suggestions.  In the drugstore you just have yourself and the overwhelming visions of awe when you see new items.

My love for eye kohls or anything shaped in cone form is immense.  When I saw Physicians Formula eye kohls for various eye colors in a brand new display in untouched condition; I ignored my voice of reason which said, "Don't get these."  I thought it was trying to make me feel the guilt from spending money on what was already in my basket.  Damn me for ignoring my gut feeling!

As usual Physicians Formula groups trios of colors for various eye colors: blue, brown, green, hazel.  I ignored my own eye color and bought what I liked.  I was tempted to buy all of them but at $10.99USD and even with the instant $2 off coupon, I resisted.  I bought the blue eyes set and the hazel eyes set.  The hazel eyes one has a lovely taupe color.

The colors in both of these are suppose to compliment the eye colors by creating various looks like natural, playful, and dramatic.  Blue eye set has a copper brown, deep blue, and a charcoal black.  The hazel has a taupe, a pink (more of a magenta purple), and black.  All of these have some small amount of micro glitter for some sparkle.

These are described as 100% waterproof kohls.  That means they are suppose to stay on the waterline.  I was stoked until this....

The way these kohls are made not texture but the packaging itself makes them a waste to buy.  The crayons are not retractable.  What you see is how they are.  When I first opened these and removed the plastic cap which is not exactly a smooth move, I thought I have to be careful when I recap because I can nick the kohl.  Well, recapping wasn't my problem.  The removal was and the kohl tip broke off.  After this happened, I did not feel comfortable applying it to my eyes because what happens if the entire crayon breaks during application?  Just from swatching, I did break a small tip from the blue kohl.  Now, I know why that little voice spoke to me.

I am sorry but I can't suggest these at all.  The design alone will frustrate anyone who doesn't have that perfectly steady hand or that perfect amount of pressure when removing the cap.  Don't buy these unless you are willing to put the kohl in a different container after they break.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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