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The Unknown Beauty Blog Top Ten Makeup Products of 2011

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Everyone is doing their list of top products for 2011.  I usually don't do one because I forget what I have bought!  However, since I checked my posts for 2011, I did notice a few that stand out for me.  Here they are.
This is in no particular order.

1-L'Oreal 24hr Infallible Eye Shadows.  Is it pressed? Is it loose? Which is it? Who cares because as a drugstore eyeshadow, this one has the high end lines weeping for not doing their versions.

2-ManGlaze Juggs.  Without these big mouth jars to mix my polish, I would have been one frustrated chemist!

3-Concrete Minerals Lolita. Yes, it is a taupe that has the alluring qualities of a woman yet the playfulness of a child.  Goes with any eyeshadow color.

4-ManGlaze Fuck Off & Dye.  Pink is not really a color I go for but this one isn't the feminine pink nor is it that butch pink.  It is the cynical, snarky, hard-ass pink that when someone asks you what color it is, just give them the finger and say, "Fuck Off & Dye!"

5-Diego Dalla Palma Lipsticks. Yes, this Italian line has me swooning over the lipsticks.  Sexy, wearable, and moisturizing they coat the lips like a secret kiss…HOT!

6-YSL Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils (gel liners).  These are just the prettiest and saturated jewel-toned gel liners.  Smooth and easy to work with too, just worth their weight in gold.

7-Chanel Peridot. I didn't think I would be so intrigued by a high end polish.  I know there are dupes but they aren't Chanel are they?  Yeah, I am being snobby.  I like this one!

8-California Mango Mend.  If I never saw this on JeweledThumb's blog, I never would have bought it.  I have hoarded this product and practically have this in every room!

9-Viseart Basic Eye Shadow Palette.  I bought this when I started my blog but have used it in 2011.  If I had a best of 2010, it would have been in that one or would it be 2009.  I don't know when I started blogging. LOL  Yep, the best matte palette around!

10-Mosha Katani Sormeh. Yes, these kohls have left a mark in my makeup purchase for 2011 more so than any other cosmetic item!  I love these kohls because they are what they should be: as natural, as simple, and as beautiful like Mosha herself!

So, there you have my top ten of 2011!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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