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Blushes by Sue Devitt Beauty

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

After making a snowman with two of my blushes, I figured I should replace them with a better brand.  On my recent cosmetic expedition to ULTA, I noticed the Sue Devitt line had been pillaged.  No wonder, it was 40% off.  I wished I had paid more attention to this line because the two blushes I had bought definitely won me over.

I had tried Sue Devitt's line before but did not pay enough attention to it back then.  I guess I just wasn't ready to enhance my natural beauty, I was more into destroying it with other brands.  Now, I can see how her products enhance and not detract from beauty especially her blushes.

Malay Reef is a sheer coral pink and one of the Gel-to-Powder ($20USD) blushes.  This is the first I have tried this type of blush.  You know how some cream blushes feel sticky and you have to top it with powder to get rid of that feel, or some you have to rub to spread it onto your cheeks?  Well, this one has the qualities of a cream but feels like a dry type of cream and turns into a powder once applied and blended.  The color turns out to be a soft natural looking blush on the skin, not as opaque as the Silky Blush.

I bought Los Angeles, a Silky Blush ($20USD) in a soft slightly shimmery pink with a bit of peachiness to it.  This one is a powder blush.  I have tried Sue Devitt powder blushes years ago and found this one to be more refined in texture.  This texture is very so easy to work with that I can use my fingers to blend it, pretty difficult to do with other brands of powder blushes.  The presence of nylon-12 in the ingredients makes it a plus for mature skin; it will apply smoothly without any of that powdery dryness.

Both blushes have can be applied as sheer wash of color to a more dramatic effect.  As I mentioned, the Gel-To-Powder has that bit of sheerness to it allowing a bit of natural glow.  Both are very easy to blend and feel great on mature skin or anyone with dry skin.  For oily skin, there could be an issue with the feel of slickness.  Really depends the comfort level of your skin.  For me, I wish I had paid attention to Sue Devitt's line before it disappeared from the only Ulta that carried it, I was a fool to not get more of her stuff because it is underrated!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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