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Confessions of a B - List Beauty Blogger

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I realize that my feelings for this blog have changed.  Wow, that sounds like I had a major relationship with it, which is true.  I mean two years of blogging and reviewing products is a commitment.

Let me start out by saying these two years have been a learning experience for me especially in the virtual world.  Who knew there could be an entire knew world of popularity and people in the realm of the internet?  Admittedly, when I started out the blog, I felt like that new kid in school.  I didn't know right from right, wrong from wrong.  I didn't know if I could exist in the blogging world.

Existence is hard and I see many bloggers can do such great things and come up with great posts that leave me feeling less cultured than a container of yogurt!  I haven't felt this way since the 80's when I stepped into the fashion world.  The A-List of designers and the B-List of designers.  I worked for a B-List and that "B" also stood for bitch!  I learned nothing from her but I did learn many cool things from her husband.  The anecdotes he told about the most mundane things in life just made it a joy to go to work and almost made me forget how much I wanted to cast a spell on the witch.  The witch believed she was one of the greatest designers on the planet, yet when I heard from the down-to-earth people they didn't think she was great!  Phew! I wasn't the only one and her husband thought the same.  He knew she was a B-List and lucky enough to be one.

I once asked him if B-List was enough.  He said it was because it was less pressure and more free time.  Saying things that can be said without the press coming down your throat.  Kissing-arse when needed and knowing when it was needed without any scrutiny.  He said that without the B-List, there would really be no support left for the A-List.  It is true, right?

I mean, if you look at movies and television major actors get all the PR but the supporting actors or B-List of actors are the ones that play different characters and give atmosphere of reality to the show no matter how unreal the storyline can be.

What am I getting at? Well, I am a B-List Beauty Blogger.  I see the cosmetic and beauty industry for what it is and understand it with a business mind.  I get things have to be hyped up and PRed to death.  I get that blogging is a new world and every post has to capture attention of at least ONE reader.  I get it!  I admire you bloggers!  Me, I can't hype as much because I am just so cynical, crass, and snarky.  I can't turn water into wine.  I can only turn water into flavored water.  I don't walk the red carpet of blogging, I just sneak behind and admire the A-List.  And, I hope someday, you will admire me too!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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