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The Facial Mask for a B-List Beauty Blogger - Kanebo Ayuyu Beauty Facial

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Being a B-List beauty blogger means you are basically left to fend for your own products as you try to make an impact within the beauty world.  This is hard especially since there is a "budget".  You don't want to spend too much and make a great hyped-up review only to be unnoticed missed by the company when you tweet it. 

That is wasted dollars on your part, making you feel like a total jackass with buyer's remorse.  You want to find a beauty product cheap enough to leave some pocket money for the next haul, yet useful enough to contribute to the beauty world.  It also helps if it turns into a multi-tasking product.  I think I found it with this product!

Feeling great, having good skin, and having a relaxing moment to yourself is important, but making time can be a hassle especially if you aren't a spa person.  This is where the Kanebo Ayuyu mask comes in handy.  (This version is an old version and pretty much discontinued, newer versions do exist.)  I got this years ago from Japan.  It costs 800yen a drugstore item, notice the un-fancy packaging.  You pretty much know what you are getting by looking at it.  A soft terry cloth towel cut and detailed into the shape of a face.  What makes this one different from a regular terry wash cloth is the brown spots.  (Yes, they look like freckles on the face. Japanese try to make things look a bit cute at times.) They are supposedly implanted with some beautifying skin care.  When steamed and applied onto the face, it provides a soothing instant facial!

The instructions are self explanatory.

I scare myself!!

Did it actually do anything when I used this?  Well, it made me feel better.

I felt like this in the beginning (that's right, I felt like a cartoon)

But now feel like this!!  Woohoo!!

But why stop there?  After all a B-Lister has to find innovative uses for products to stretch the $.  I have found mine!

Anyone care to find out? Read on!

Shear Horror Part 1-The Beginning.  (cues the horror music) The life and times of a hairstylist locked up in a mental institute for 20 years, finally escapes to wreak havoc on those that got in the way!  Great prop don't ya think?

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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