Manna Cosmetics

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Just when I thought I could be happy with all the makeup I had, here comes a new line called Manna Cosmetics created by Manna Kadar a beauty industry expert for the past 15 years.  She created a line of simplicity, efficiency, elegance, and freshness.  If any of these descriptions is what you want in makeup, then her cosmetics probably has something for you.

Just launched this January, if not right this minute; the cosmetic line is a full line of long-wearing products for diverse skin tones.  Signature products include the Camera Ready-a matte primer; Prime Time-a base for both eyes and lips; Transfix-eyeliner sealer; HD Powder-colorless finishing powder; Sheer Glo-luminizing liquid; and Lash Primer-lash plumper.

If you are a neutral eyeshadow lover, don't look! Okay, I know you looked because I did.  There is a nice array of neutrals to add to a collection.  And, the blushes! Wearable colors that enhance natural beauty and not detract.  In fact, all the stuff will enhance beauty with efficiency. 

The prices of the products range from $16 to $42 and are available online or in select stores in Southern California.  All these items were created for real people in mind and not some young model wearing the stuff for 5 minutes.  The products are made to look good from the morning and into the night with ease and simplicity.  Check the line out.

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