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Salma Hayek's Nuance Cosmetics

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I can't say I am thrilled when a celebrity has their name stamped on a cosmetic line, after all am I suppose to believe they really use the stuff?  Do they actually apply the stuff on themselves without the help of a makeup artist?  I know I shouldn't sound negative, just being cynical and slightly crass.  I do credit to Salma for keeping her line in a drugstore--CVS.  Her line becomes easily accessible to many but how does it stand up to other cosmetics?

I bought a couple of items from the line.  Salma Hayek's Nuance line consists of skincare, haircare, body care, and cosmetics.  The prices are what I consider a mid/high end for a drugstore line, ranging from about $7 to about $18 from what I have seen.  Of course there are sales of BOGO50%off and since it is at CVS, the ExtraCare Rewards.

Lights, Camera, Action Eye Trio

Lights, Camera, Action Eye Trio ($8.49USD) come an array of wearable colors.  This handy looking item composes of a creaseproof eyeshadow, black pencil eyeliner, and a soft shimmery white highlighter.  They all snap together to look like one nifty magic wand.  I bought two colors the Pewter (shimmery taupe grey) and Bronze (shimmery warm bronze).  The highlighter and pencil are the same color.  I don't know if they are the same in all of them but these two have the same.

Looks so sleek and nifty to carry around the shadow, liner, and highlighter but actually the only part that really works out well is the creaseproof shadow.  Even that isn't the greatest.

The colors are nice but they aren't as pigmented as other drugstore brands I have tried.  They formula runs on the thin side too which makes them more of a sheer type of cream shadow.  If you like a sheer wash then this one would work.

The parts that really fail for me on this product are the highlighter and eyeliner.  They are both waxy and really have no staying power.

Flawless Mineral Cheek Trio

Flawless Mineral Cheek Trio ($12.99USD) is a trio of colors to highlight, contour or bronze, and blush your cheeks.  The compact is housed in a see through compact with no mirror or brush.  The color I bought is just the basic pink which comes with a soft silvery whitish-pink highlighter and a soft warm bronzer.

The texture is the basic powder type product.  It is smooth enough to glide onto the skin but I can't say it is finely milled like other products I have tried from other lines including drugstore lines.  The pigment is again on the sheer side.  No matter how much I put on, the amount of saturation is the same, and during the day it just disappears.  I don't know where it goes because usually blushes tend to darken and make me look flushed by the end of the day.  This one seems to be lifted off my face by makeup fairies--one by one they take bits of the pigment and fly away with it.

 Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss ($7.49USD) is a squeeze tube lip gloss with that slanted applicator tip.  I honestly have never applied lipgloss straight from a tube. Call me weird but just the thought of the plastic tip just makes me squirm.  (Another weird habit: If the lipgloss has a brush applicator I always wipe the brush before I insert it back into the tube.  Yeah, weird!)  I use a brush or my finger to apply this onto my lips.

This is probably the only product so far that I like.  I bought this in Peony which is a sheer glimmery pink.  The color that you see on my lips is layered on top of a lip pencil.  The gloss is lightly scented towards a sweet smell, not too overpowering.  The texture isn't sticky and it isn't runny either.  A decent lipgloss for a drugstore line.

If you like pigment and smoothingly luscious texture, then this isn't the line for you.  If you are a makeup-phobe or someone who wears a minimal amount of makeup and doesn't mind some of it fading then this line could work.  I am not saying that the entire line is like this but what I have tried so far hasn't really wowed me to try anything else.  I would rather save my money and buy some NARS!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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