Mattese Elite ME Amour Nail Polish Collection

If you aren't familiar with Ricky's NYC then you have been in a gopher hole for too long.  (Okay, I am kidding but really, get out of that gopher hole.)  This place carries hip beauty products including makeup called Mattese Elite.  I am a fan of the eyeshadows as I have mentioned here.  But did you know this line also has a great collection on nail polish?  Check out the new Mattese Elite ME Amour Collection.

Anyone's monitor becoming hot & steamy?

The collection is due to be in stores at Ricky's and online this month and just in time for Valentine's Day.  Me Amour is a collection of nail polish that evoke love and sparkle. (I am beginning to purr and meow!) If you like glitter that is très chic. This is the collection for you.

Baise Moi: a wild cacophony of large rainbow glitter
Amour De Ma Vie: a subtle mixture of rainbow glitter in a dark base
Embrasse Moi: a vibrant fuchsia glitter

 Je T'Adore: a silken pink nude

Je T'Aime:  a slightly iridescent molten gold glitter

Mon Amour : a feminine rosy glitter

Have any of them captured your lemming?

Also, in honor of the Super Bowl, coupon code NFL10 will get you 10%off on online orders only. (Minimum $25 purchase required)

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