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UltraFlesh Black Magic Eyeliner Collection

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I had frustrations over my black eyeliners lately because they weren't well organized. I just found it a hassle to unscrew jars of cream or gel liners, uncapping pencils, searching for powder black shadows. I wanted something that was organized and in one place. Well, well, my recent trip to Sephora had given me a sign to buy this Ultraflesh Black Magic Kit.  It had gone on sale from the original $39 to $20. Is it worth it at almost half price?

The kit when taken out of the box looks like a coffin!  Black and brooding, the case fans out to reveal two wet/dry powder liners, cream liner with a brush, and two pencils--a shimmer and a non-shimmer.

The powder can be used wet/dry and I like Shannon of Lipstick Musings like cake eyeliner because of the ease in application.  And to make it last longer I use non-oily eye makeup remover instead of water; the method I explain in this post.

non shimmer powder

shimmer powder

Admittedly, in this kit both powders end up looking the same when wet.  There is only a slight detection of glimmer but more can be added by using the shimmer pencil on top if needed.

The pencils aren't the long lasting finish type of pencil nor are they the really waxy type.  If used alone they can fade which makes the powder useful in setting them.  Don't expect the shimmer pencil to be metallic nor glittery, it is just a pencil with bits of glitter specks.

The cream eyeliner is a smudgy cream that can be used to tightline, waterline, or eyeline. Since this isn't a gel that dries to budge proof finish, again setting with the powder helps.  Creamy but not too greasy, this can be used as a smudging base for a smoky eye look. 

The kit can be disappointing if you expect each component to work fabulously on their own.  I didn't buy it thinking this at all.  I knew the pencils and cream liners wouldn't be the long lasting type.  I knew they would work together better with the powders, therefore I don't find this kit a waste for me.  I like to layer or play with my black eyeliners to create different looks if and only if I had all the different textures in one handy palette which this is.  I like this eyeliner collection, maybe I like it more since I got it at a reduced price.   And, if I get bored with it, I can use it for an exorcism!

Ingredients listing of the products

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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