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Christopher Drummond Beauty - Vegan Mineral Makeup

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I first mentioned Christopher Drummond Beauty in my last post. I bought this kit which retails for $95 for $49 on Open Sky.  A total bargain considering the brush is $28 and the full size concealer is $22.50.  What did I think about this kit? Well, I can tell you….

I am glad that I bought this kit because out of the many mineral foundations I have tried, this one is in my "favorites" category. The line is organic-based, all natural, paraben-free and vegan-approved formulas. I am not a vegan but to know a line can make cosmetics without animal products is always a plus.

The Women's Gift Set which I bought in the Light kit comes with what was mentioned in my first post: full size concealer, synthetic face brush, trial size Skin Prep, 2 travel size foundations, bronzer, highlighter, and finishing powder.  The travel sizes are an ample amount to last you a long time since very little is used. The containers have sifters with the kind where the holes can be covered, avoiding a mess upon opening.

First off the Skin Prep ($39USD for full size), this is a dimethicone-free primer.  I found this primer a bit on the thin side in texture for my taste.  I prefer one just a bit thicker to feel it priming my skin.  I didn't find it as helpful as the primers I have been using to smooth out the powder application.  I do have dry skin so that could be the reason for the inadequate feel.  However, this is a vegan primer and I know for some of you out there, it is hard to find a true vegan face primer.  This one is one to think about.

Duo-Phase Concealer in Light ($22.50USD) is a great vegan concealer for the true vegan.  It does cover adequately.  The formula is non-irritating and doesn't feel heavy on the skin.  For me though, I prefer my chemical-filled, silicone formula concealer because I find it goes on and stays better on my skin.

The Veludo Velvet Foundation ($4.99-$65USD) is a sheer to medium coverage mineral foundation with no titanium dioxide.  You won't get that "white out" in pictures.  For mature women and wise women (like my mum), it won't settle into the fine lines and make the complexion look drying.  Also, it won't feel dry on the skin or heavy.

The kit came with two colors of light colored foundations: 110-Luz/Light and 120-Justo/Golden Beige.   I knew that the Golden Beige would be slightly too dark for me and gave it to my mum who finally found a mineral line that works on wise women!  (She said she was often jealous that I could wear mineral makeup and feel and look comfortable while she looked and felt like a prune!)  The colors are really forgiving and adaptable if there is a slight change in skin tone.  You can see in the picture my jawline pretty much matches my neck using foundation 110.

Bronzing Powder ($35USD), Saúde Pele Radiance Booster ($70-85USD), and Finale Finishing Powder ($40-$55USD) are what I consider accessory powders, necessary if you feel uncomfortable without them.

Sol is a bronzer with a very slight shimmer.  It never looks orange and outrageously fake for a bronzer.  In fact, I consider this to be one of the best natural looking mineral bronzers available.  It gives that perfect natural looking tan look without looking like baked leather!

Saúde Pele is a radiance booster or highlighting powder is one luxurious powder.  Why?  Because the glow just looks like a soft candlelight one.  Never looks sparkly or two shimmery, just looks like skin had been touched by that perfect soft lighting.  I like this powder a lot!!!

Finale is a finishing powder that will set cream products or concealer with a lightweight touch.  It never looks cakey on the skin.  There is a slight luminescence to it.  A great finishing powder that feels comfortable on any skin type or age.

There you have it, a vegan mineral makeup line that for me is mostly a hit in terms of its mineral makeup.  If you are vegan and searched for a decent line that would work for mature skin, this is one to check out.  The line does sell samples in an amount that will allow you to test the face a couple of times to make sure it looks good on you.  For others who are not vegan but want a mineral line with sheer to medium coverage that doesn't make you look like crepe paper, then this is one to try.  Looks like your skin but better.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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