Are You Good at the Name Game? If You are, Check Out Whip Hand Cosmétiques

Whip Hand Cosmétiques is a new line that will debut at IMATS New York, April 14th &15th.  This line is made in Detroit, Michigan the good ol' USA.  In honor of their launch, they are having a contest.

You think you have what it takes to be a Creative Director? Well, here is your chance to find out. At this moment, their makeup remover has no name and they want YOU to come up with one. One that would reflect their image and product. Here are some tips:

What We Like: We like edgy, sexy, confident, fun and creative names at Whip Hand Cosmetics. Some of our existing product names include: “Give Good Face” Rosewater Tonic, “Brush Job” Makeup Brush Cleaner and “Strike It Rich” Oil Cleanser. Double-Entendres are always welcome and encouraged, but obscenity just won’t fly on a public label.  It’s kind of like lingerie or rocking a short hemline: We like to titillate and tease with our product names and marketing, but still leave a little bit to the imagination

Understand the Product: This is a gentle, natural makeup remover for both makeup artists to use on their clients and any woman (or drag Queen) that needs to remove their makeup at the end of the day and prep their skin for the morning.

Understand the Whip Hand Cosmetics Brand and Philosophy:
Understanding who we are as a company and our philosophies can help you come up with a better name.

Whip Hand Cosmetics is a line of luxury, hand-made artisan cosmetics made in Detroit with Attitude, for women by women. Founded and developed by veteran, award-winning professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician Riese Lauriat, Whip Hand Cosmetics offers innovative, trend-setting products for the face, eyes, lips and body that empower women of all walks-of-life, ages and ethnicities to Master the Art of Control. The collection will officially debut at IMATS NYC in April 2012.

Our marketing and advertising draws its inspiration from classic Pulp Fiction novel covers and celebrates the spirit of the modern, sexy and confident woman. Our tagline is “The Art of Control”, which is about encouraging women to own everything they do: From your heart, to your mind, to your soul, career, family and appearance. We think every woman can look and feel like a Super Model.

What do you get if your name is picked?

In return, the Grand Prize Winner will receive a fierce prize package that includes:

1. Your winning product name immortalized on our new makeup remover product and packaging
2. An 8 oz bottle of the makeup remover bearing the name you developed before ANYONE else receives it
3.  A $100 dollar gift certificate to Whip Hand Cosmetics
4. A “Profile Card” highlighting you personally, your services and/or website with every bottle of makeup remover that we ship for the next year. This is an amazing chance for makeup artists, fashion photographers, stylists or beauty bloggers to promote themselves with every bottle of our makeup remover that we ship. We’re really excited about sharing the love on this one!

Four Runners-Up Prizes

Our four Runners-Up will receive a:
1.  8 oz bottle of our new makeup remover when it’s released
2. $25 Whip Hand Cosmetics gift certificate!

Go to the "Fame Your Name" Contest here for the full page info.
Enter your creativity and cross your fingers and toes!  Good luck!!!

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