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Laura Geller Eye Rimz - Does Baking a Cake Make it a Better Eyeliner?

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Laura Geller has a collection cake eyeliners or more so baked cake eyeliners called Eye Rimz Baked Shadows.  They are the dome shaped shadows with a high amount of metallic shine, used wet to line the eyes.  Dry they can be used as eyeshadows.  I have two which I have been using on and off.

I bought Crystal Cobalt-metallic blue and black swirled together; and Gold Spell-gold and black mixed together.  Dry and in the container they are prettily swirled and look intriguing, wet the colors get mixed together and become a metallic mixture of pigment.

As a cake eyeliner user, I find these easy to use.  The formula when wet has a nice creamy-like texture which sticks onto the brush for an easy application on the eyeliner.  Colorwise, I find these a bit less pigmented for my taste.  Maybe, it is because it is a metallic finish and some high shine metallics when wet are less opaque than a non-shimmer.

On the eyes they turn out to be a nice shimmery sparkle to a neutral eye.  If you notice there is nothing really dark and too black about them which for me makes them a bit too light in color and for my taste.  However, if you like to wear metallics and found some of them just too harsh, then these can work for you.

Dry, they aren't as good.  They tend to skip during application and the color isn't evenly distributed.  They are also sheer and getting more color onto the lid can cause fallout of the shadow and not to mention the small flecks of glitter.

Is a baked eyeshadow any better than a regular cake eyeliner?  I find I like cake eyeliners that are specifically made to be used as eyeliners because they are more pigmented and usually have a texture that makes them almost a cream when wet.  Even though this one does have that nice creamy texture, I find baking tends to lessen the impact of the color.

These aren't bad at all and are nice if you like to add that bit of color and sparkle without it looking too loud and obvious.  But, if you are like me who is an eyeliner fanatic and loves the impact, then you might want to look to something else.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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