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A Look to Be Tried - Tropical Simplicity Makeup Face Chart

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

This post will introduce something new for my blog: a makeup face chart.  This is my own face chart that I drew from scratch.  I honestly can't draw like I would want to but thanks to some nifty programs like Pixelmator and such, I can draw!

I made up this face chart for a couple of reasons.  One being I could never remember what I used for a certain look.  Two, I have so much stuff that I figured that this would help me combine certain products.  Three, maybe it can help others try a look or get ideas from their own stash. Four, these are just ideas and not tutorials found on my Into the Palette blog. And five, friends ask me for a certain look and I have no idea how to organize a look until now.

The first look came about when a friend said she could never wear as much makeup as me!  OOOOh strike a match and burn me to ash!  Okay, she didn't mean it that way but I do own more makeup than she will ever own in a lifetime. LOL 

For those who wouldn't know, let's put it in a "Dear Olivia" letter form.

Dear Olivia,

I don't wear much makeup because I don't have time.  I do, however, would like to just enhance what I have without looking like some drunk floozie!


Not a makeup junkie

Dear Not a Makeup Junkie (or someone who thinks I am a makeup ho),

I find the simplest look is to include three major items: cream eyeshadow, cream blush, and lipstick.


I call this one Tropical Simplicity because it is what I would wear if I wear vacationing in the tropics. I wouldn't want my face matted out, I would want something dewy and simple just to go with the surrounding environment. Of course, the basic items of sunscreen, mascara, and face powder are used. And the three additional color products I chose are Becca Créme Eye Colour ($28USD) in bronze gold; Becca Beach Tint ($25USD) in Peach, and Julie Hewett Nude Noir Lipstick ($22.50USD). 

Becca Créme Eye Colour in bronze gold is the perfect neutral lid color.  Apply this one from lashline to orbital ridge (pretty much the basic way of application I show in my tutorials on Into the Palette.) and set with a light dusting of powder.

Becca Beach Tint in Peach is applied on the cheeks and a bit on the bridge of the nose.  This allows a dewy finish and a natural looking flush of color.

As a final touch on the lips, Julie Hewett Nude Noir a color that adds just enough tint to make the lips naturally enhanced.

The finished look should just look refreshing and dewy.

Don't worry if you don't have the same products, I am sure that you have something similar in your stash.  This combination is just to give you an idea of how three simple items can work and maybe to look at your stash more (which I definitely have to do).  I hope you enjoyed this post because there will be more as I try to organize more looks.  If you have any questions or even want to email me for a certain look, please do so via the "Contact Me" tab. 

*This is one of my failed posts for trying to keep this blog alive with very little resources.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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