Shit List Saturday

Yes, it is that time again when I have found something that goes on my list.  This product was about to go on my "favorite things" post that I was working on but after what happened.  Well, you will see.

You are all familiar with this drugstore concealer. You know what it is from the pictures.  I swear that I didn't touch this concealer to cause this.  I don't know how it happened.

I remember using this the day before and it worked perfectly.  Then the next morning for a moment in my half asleep mind, I thought, "This container grew."  Then I realized it decided to have a good time with itself!!!!

The arrows show where it just detached itself from the main container.

See the mess in the cap.

See the mess on the sponge tip.

Well, my concealer had its good time and now it is of no use to me.  Is this what you call makeup porn?

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