I Didn't Know These Brands Made Nail Polish-Mineral Fusion and GAP

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

As I was trying to be good not buying anymore eyeshadow, I avoided all the beauty stores that I regularly pop into when I go grocery shopping or clothes shopping.  I know some grocery stores carry OPI and such but I would rather get those at a beauty supply store.  As for clothes, well I don't usually go for their make up line because it is always a disappointment.  But in this case it was nail polish and it happened to match my shirt.

Whenever I go into Whole Foods, I feel pretty much like a drag queen because I am almost the only one wearing a full face of makeup when I am there.  I admit I don't wear that much compared to the mallrats but at a health food store I pretty much wear too much!  Anyway, after I finished buying my dino kale in the veggie aisle, I decided to check out the cosmetic section.  The cosmetic section is a bit of a yawner for me, nothing exciting but once in a while something catches my eye like this nail polish from Mineral Fusion.

I bought Mossy Bank ($7.99USD), a shimmery forest green.  This one is comparable to many of the nail polish brands you find at a beauty supply store.  The color is saturated and deep.  Pretty much reminds me of the kale I bought.

I haven't been to the GAP in ages because they pretty much have mucked up their sizing in jeans and in the quality of them.  I just wished they just kept going with what they had because the jeans fit pretty well.  Okay, so this isn't about jeans, this is about nail polish.  I never knew GAP made nail polish.  Their clothes may have turned to crap but the nail polish is pretty nice and the colors match their t-shirts!

I bought raspberry ($6USD) which is pretty self explanatory.  This one is a cream and no shimmer.  The formula is very smooth and opaque.  I may not like GAP clothing but I sure like the polish now!

Pretty polishes aren't they?  Have you tried any of them? Am I the only one that has been living under a rock and didn't know about these?  Anyone else living under a rock?  Anyone a fan of the tv show Supernatural?  If you would like to answer any of these questions just comment. :-)

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