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Are Sleek Palettes Worth It?

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I remember on a certain makeup forum, Sleek eyeshadow palettes were being hyped up in their usual manner in there.  You know like pouring gasoline on a flame, everyone wanted to get their hands on Sleek Makeup.  Me, I waited after the hype to get my hands on some palettes.  I just wanted a clear head when I received these.  Are they really worth it?

I have nothing against drugstore makeup. In fact, I am glad that drugstore makeup has changed to cater to all the different tastes of many from the conservative neutral people to the outrageous colorful ones. Drugstore makeup has finally allowed people to express themselves.  Sleek MakeUp is one of those lines in the UK.

I bought these palettes long ago, probably when I started this blog and held off reviewing them because I couldn't make up my mind whether these were great or just crap.  First, these were way too hyped on that makeup forum.  Second, as I mentioned I bought these and paid for them in foreign currency which really doesn't make them an easily accessible drugstore product.  Third, I am no Spring chicken, therefore, I am reviewing them on how they look on my skin.

Sunset and Bohemian are the two palettes I have. Bohemian is a mix of metallic and mattes.  The colors are what looks like an eclectic mix of spices, antiques, and a bit of LSD! 

The colors for which there are no names are the following (from left to right): Top row-metallic khaki, metallic orange copper, matte burgundy, matte yellow, matte ivory, matte charcoal.  Bottom row-matte tan beige, metallic wine/red/copper, matte grassy green, matte navy, matte orchid, matte mauve grey.

Sunset is a palette that is representing the sun, sand, and sea. Only one of the colors is matte which is the black.

The colors from left to right: top row-matte black, metallic cherry red, metallic copper red, bright burn-your-eyes metallic orange (similar to Cheetos), metallic gold, metallic aqua.  Bottom row-metallic copper brown, metallic red brown, metallic rust brown, metallic champagne, metallic beige pink, metallic pink gold.

Now, onto the nitty gritty stuff.  The texture is a basic texture for eyeshadow which means you will not find anything that will make it feel silky smooth like nylon-12 or PTFE (Teflon).  You get the basic dimethicone that keeps it together and allows it to glide onto the skin.  As I said, I am no Spring chicken and these powders do lean on the dry side which also makes them crumble very easily.  They do apply on my skin easily but the color isn't even.  I tried both with a sponge tip applicator and brush.  On a teen, 20 year old and maybe into the 30's, the texture will work.  Then, what doesn't work on anyone that age?  

Pigment is what I call enough for a low end or consumer line.  If you haven't played with pro lines like Ben Nye and Kryolan, then you will consider Sleek pigmented.  If you have, these aren't that pigmented but enough to know what colors they are on the skin.

Are these palettes worth the price?  Only if you live where it is easily accessible otherwise I would find Wet 'n Wild or even L.A. Splash a better alternative in the U.S.  In other words, a palette with pretty colors in one case is always enticing and when the price is considered low in one country, the hype will be hyper especially when the person applying the product still has those smooth eyelids.  In all honesty, I almost wished I didn't put in the effort to buy these from overseas because I feel like I actually wasted my money.  I don't use them at all.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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