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Sephora Pantone Blushes - Think Tangerine isn't Your Color? Think Again

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I know some of you have been hesitant on buying Sephora + Pantone Universe products due to orange-ness of them.  Well think again.

You might have seen the gorgeous blushes in the Pantone family: the cream blush Prisma Chrome Blush in Apricot Brandy ($16USD) and the Color of the Year Powder Blush Duo in Desert Flower and Coral ($26USD).  You may have thought to yourself, "I can't wear those, they are orange."  Well tangerine in the Pantone family.  Don't judge these by the initial promo color; take a second good look.

Apricot Brandy is a name the name that I remember since the first issue of Allure magazine (anyone remember when that magazine was bigger in size than it is now).  Kevyn Aucoin was featured and so were his staple items.  One item was a powder blush by a major cosmetic brand called apricot brandy.  The color supposedly went with every skin tone from light to dark.  Kevyn used it so much that the pan was showing!  I actually rushed to the counter selling that blush and guess what?  They discontinued it!

From then on I would look at my Pantone book and gaze at the color #17-1540 Apricot Brandy, a somewhat neutral baked peach but not too burnt just flambéd with brandy.

Not really orange or tangerine but the ubiquitous warm blush color you see in many of the tv/films.  It can go from a pigmented application to a soft sheer one.

There is a soft gold shimmer to bring some luminosity to the cheeks.  The formula is a cream but not the squishy soft cream, more of a dry powdery cream that easily spreads on the cheek.  No rubbing to spread.  This is a blush that can bring warmth to the skin all year round without making you look baked or bronze.  It is the color Kevyn would reach for a million times over!

The Color of the Year Blush Duo consists of two powder blushes housed in a clear lid held closed by four little STRONG magnets in each corner.

At first glance they both look orange and vivid but they aren't.  Desert Flower looks like a matte orange that would streak a stripe of orange sherbet on the cheeks when in actuality it is a soft creamy orange with pink.  Depending on the lights and your undertones, you might get more of the pink than the orange.  Coral looks like a wildly bright tangerine when it is one of the most gorgeous pinkish orange with a luminous glow of gold.  Yes, it is similar to NARS "O" but the color is much more saturated and great for dark skin tones.  The formula of the powder is better than the regular Sephora line.  The powder easily blends onto the skin without any special brush.  Just a regular blush brush is all that is needed.  Both colors are great to combine with bronzer if you wear one or on their own.  And, they go great with both cool and warm tones of skin and cosmetics.

These colors may be the color of the year this year but they can be used all year and well into next year since the colors are classic and wearable.  If you had any doubts, I hope I erased some of them. 

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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