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Becca Créme Colours

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

First, after seeing the amount of eyeshadows I have, I like Modesty Brown at least try decided to go on an eyeshadow buying ban.  Unless eyeshadows come falling out of the sky which is as much of a chance for me as hell freezing over; I will abstain from getting anymore.  (Oh, this hurts so much!) Now, onto my latest obsession.

A few weeks back thanks to the Spring weather, I noticed my eyeshadows not looking as great. They looked dry and lacked that certain glow. I wanted to buy something to counteract this like a new bunch of eyeshadows, but stopped myself and decided to check out what I had. My Becca Créme Eye Colours ($28USD) which I reviewed way back in this post, has been sitting in my makeup case for an eternity.

I know what you are thinking, they are creams and they will crease.  Yes, they will if worn as is.  However, I prefer to layer them to get the dewy glow from my powder shadows.  This is how I do it. 

First, apply a budgeproof eyeshadow base.  Second, apply the cream shadow.  Third, finish it off by topping it with a saturated amount of powder shadow.  This makes it pretty much budgeproof and creaseproof.

(I have to warn you, in the following pictures I completely forgot to apply foundation AND concealer.  It was late at night when I did this my brain was falling asleep.)  Does applying creams really make a difference?  Take a look at the pictures.  In the first one, I applied a toffee colored cream from lashline to right below the browbone.  Hard to see because under lights and the flash of the camera, it is pretty much nothing.  In the second picture, I applied powder shadows.  Compare that to the third picture where I didn't apply any cream and applied only on top of the eyeshadow base, kind of lackluster and dry looking.

Look at the difference when seen at once.  See the eye on the left is more saturated in color and has that luminosity.  The eye on the right just isn't the same.

As you can see by this method, it really doesn't take much to change the outcome or color of any eyeshadow or eye look. No need to buy new shadows or to be tempted by them. (Oh this hurts so much, I am so tempted and dying to buy one eyeshadow. I have no willpower!)  If you haven't tried this, I suggest you play around and try it.  My powder shadows definitely look ready for the warm and hellish summer months.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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