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Model 21 Eyelash Review

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I admit that I am not one that wears false lashes much.  I pretty much live with what I have and go on with life.  One reason why I don't wear false lashes, they aren't exactly cheap.  The cheapest for just a pair is about $4.  Of course, buying them in bulk would be cheaper, but what would I do with 100 pairs of lashes when I just need a couple and in different styles?  This is where Model 21 Eyelashes comes in.

Recently, I received a pack of eyelashes from them and thought, "they are just eyelashes and I see them all the time in stores.  What could be so great about them?"  So, I left the pack sitting on my vanity table for days.  When I finally opened the pack up, I was disappointed because they weren't made of human hair.  I have tried several synthetic types of lashes and found them to be just uncomfortable and a bit stiff.  Disappointed, I had to try these to review and I WAS TOTALLY WRONG TO JUDGE THESE AT A GLANCE! (Notice the emphasis of this sentence, bold italics and in red!)

First, Model 21 Eyelashes come in a pack of 10 pairs which is very nice because having just one pair is not enough especially if you are a first time user and you want to practice.  The site sells several types of styles ranging from about $8 to about $23 and there are sales.  Both synthetics and human hair lashes are sold.

Getting back to the lashes I received, the Sampler combo pack ($12.95USD) which is an excellent set to start with because of the five different styles offered: 2T, 40T, 19T, 63, and 3T.  I chose 40T for the following pictures.  I trimmed them first to my eye length which was easy to do with a pair of cuticle scissors.  Then applied.  I was totally surprised at the comfort of these lashes because from the black band and the fact they are synthetic, I expected stiffness and discomfort on the lashline.  I got none.  In fact, they are MORE comfortable than the mascaras that I have worn on my natural lashes!

They don't feel heavy on the lid, nor do they feel plasticky.  They just feel like my own lashes but lighter because I don't have to put on mascara.  I did put on cake mascara on these lashes in the pictures, hard to detect but it works out well especially when it comes to cleaning them.

Yes, I cleaned these lashes and found it very easy, much easier than human hair ones which are delicate and can easily be torn when removing the glue.  These may look delicate but can take some pulling of the glue from the band and still keep their shape and curl. 

What do I think?  They come in a 10 pair pack at an excellent price.  They are synthetic. I am a convert!  Since they are synthetic, they are easy to clean and easily reusable.  They keep their curl.  No heaviness on the lid or stiffness of the band.  The website has many styles to choose from and at great prices.  They are quick to ship and ship all over the world.  Model 21 Eyelashes is one site that offers great quality, prices, and service.  Go check it out!

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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