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Want to Sample? Try Beauty Box 5

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Recently, I received a box from Beauty Box 5 to review.  This is another sampling program which offers four to five samples per month from various brands including Becca and Makeup Geek.  My box contained neither of these but I am not entirely disappointed either.

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly program which costs $12 a month with an option to sign up for a longer period, thus discounting the price.  A quarterly subscription would cost $30 with a savings of $6 and a yearly one would be $100 with a savings of $44.  There is also a referral program: refer 5 friends and receive a month free.

My box contained a sampling of products of a mixed price range.

Spongeables $2.99 (Full size)

The Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer is soap and sponge in one.  Since it is specifically made for the feet, it has an exfoliating sponge to remove any rough spots on the feet.  I did try this and found the first try a bit overwhelming with suds, yet I am one who likes lather finding this worthy to use for my pedicure.  The soap never left the skin feeling dry.  The sponge left my feet nice, moist, and ready for some toe-painting.

Blinc Mascara 0.21 oz $26 (Sample size: 0.02oz)

The original tube-forming mascara, this came in a sample size, decent enough for about 2 weeks worth.  I have tried Blinc before and found it to be a decent mascara with easy removal.

Bodyography Foundation Primer 1 oz. $30 (Sample size: 0.53oz)

Bodyography has a complete line of products which I hope will be featured more.  In this box, the primer was featured and it is definitely one to try.  This one is a silicone based primer and only takes a thin layer of product for the face.  Upon application it will feel slick, allow it to dry just a minute then apply foundation.  The primer has some moisturizing properties which also makes it good to use on dry and/or mature skin.  There is a slight soft scent to this one.  Excellent primer, easy to work with and easy to mix with other silicone based foundations for thinning out.  And, if you are wondering, made in the USA.

Curls Gel-les'c 8 oz $25 (Sample size: 2 oz)

I like this hair product even though I don't have curly hair.  However,  I usually use curly hair products on my hair because they don't weigh it down.  I like my hair to feel fresh and natural as possible.  I am not big on using styling products that stiffen and cover my hair with goop.  This one fits the bill perfectly.  It is a lightweight gel/serum that coats the hair with shine and definition.  Made with certified organic ingredients such as aloe and coconut milk, this one agrees with my hair.

There you have it, what was inside my Beauty Box 5.  Now, what do I think?  I am not one to say one is better over the other since I haven't joined any sampling programs, yet.  However, from the various ones I have read on other blogs, I get the sense of the image each program is trying to convey.  Beauty Box 5 to me conveys an image of you--the everyday beauty person.  You know how some products project that image that they are better than you?  Beauty Box 5 offers products for you and your curious beauty personality.  They aren't products which try to mold you into something that you aren't.  If you find you like this persona of sampling then Beauty Box 5 is definitely one to try.  Have you checked out their blog for August sampling, you will notice that Ellis Faas will be featured.  Are you ready to try?

Disclosure: PR Sample

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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