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A Review of eMperfumes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Recently, I was contacted by eMperfumes to review their fragrances: eMpassioned, eMpulsive, eMpowered, and eMmoral.  Each of these scents come in eau de toilette form and costs $50USD for 50ml.  These fragrances were created by women who wanted to redefine the scent of the modern woman.  With each sale contributing to the annual profit, 5% goes towards women's charities. The scents are made with essential oils, water, and perfumer's alcohol; there are no added chemicals. 

I am honestly not good at describing fragrances.  However, ironically enough, fragrances are probably the only beauty items I have finished many times over.  I do have a small collection of scents to accommodate my every emotion or memory.  And, that is how I basically buy my fragrances.  The scent has to evoke an emotion of some kind or some memory whether it be just recently or deep in the past.  eMperfumes does this successfully.

eMpulsive is described as an invigorating Oriental scent containing pear and rose.  Upon initial dab of this scent, I was reminded of the sun rising and its smell.   The smell of nature waking up; the leaves unfolding, the crispness of the air; and the smell of water in the sun.  The first dab does this by a touch of natural sweetness which is probably the pear, then it shifts to a soft flower scent without really reaching a true floral character.  Never too sweet or too floral, slowly opens up to a soft relaxing scent.

eMmoral contains two scents which I love: cedarwood and geranium.  What this scent reminded me of is luxury and fashion.  I thought about the smell of luxurious fabric worn by the royalty way back in the 17th century.  I don't know why but it has that sort of royal character in the fragrance that awakens a person's unknown senses.  Maybe, this is why it is described as a rebellious fragrance.  This scent is never too heavy from the cedarwood and never too floral from the geranium; it lies right in between.

eMpassioned combines strawberries and vanilla.  This scent has sweetness with some frivolity that turns into a sensual and sultry end.  I would say the cuteness of the scent of strawberries hides the true sexiness of the vanilla.  The fragrance is never too overindulgent in the sultry department, more of a shy sexiness.  This one is a great everyday scent.

eMpowered contains jasmine and patchouli.  Never heavy in scent but definite air of power.  This one is almost a superhero scent for me. I think of a woman who has powers to stand on her own and never let anyone or anything get in the way.  If determination had a scent, this would be it.  Nowhere in this fragrance does the scent ever turn masculine; it stays feminine with a woman's true depth of power.  The beauty of her soul is never compromised in this fragrance.  (Can you tell I like this one the best?)  

There you have it, my interpretation of these fragrances.  These scents each represent its own personality but with a twist of impulsiveness.  An accurate description of today's woman.  After all, eM spelled backwards is "me" and each and every woman is bound to find a scent that suits her from this line. 

Disclosure: PR samples

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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