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My Eyelash Applicator Tools

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

For someone who rarely wears false eyelashes, I find myself with a collection of eyelash application tools.  As you see in this post I did do a review on false eyelashes.  I can't say I am a pro at applying them.  I do find it way easy to apply on someone else because I can see the lashline properly but on myself it is more of feeling my way through therefore I am never happy with the end result.  Part of my disdain probably has to do with the tools used.  Sure I can use my fingers and tweezers but after awhile the precision and the change in vision, eye shape, and skin texture just makes false lashes a hassle.  However, I am not one to give up on eyelashes completely and I figured it has to do with not finding the right tool for me. 

My collection consists of what you see in the picture.  Yeah, all of them can work but some of them don't because maybe my eye shape or the way I prefer to hold the tool.  Then there is the mirror and the tool gets in the way of my vision.  So with many attempts and many tool hunting.  I may have found one that I like.

Here is the usual tweezers and cuticle stick.  Pretty much the tweezer holds the end of the eyelash while the cuticle stick pushes the edge into the lashline.  This is really easier on others than oneself.  It is kind of like working with chopsticks, although I can say I am an expert with chopsticks.  Maybe, I should apply my lashes with chopsticks instead.

So the tweezers and cuticles weren't right, maybe a longer and bent tip tweezer would work better.  This one I got out of sewing kit.  It works pretty well actually because it grabs enough of the lashes to apply onto one's own lashline.  However, the curve of it and the length makes me hit the mirror and the end of the lashes end up somewhere they shouldn't be at times.

Okay, the handle was too long so maybe a shorter handle would do.  This one I got in an eyelash kit.  It is the tiny version of the tweezers above and it would be great if only it wasn't made out of cheap plastic making it grab lashes weakly. 

Next, is that ubiquitous eyelash clamp.  It grabs and holds those falsies like your life depended on them.  Great utensil and almost perfect except for me and my eyeshape, the curvature of it just doesn't allow the lashes to rest properly.  Add to that the chunkiness of the utensil and I can't see anything in the mirror because it blocks my view.

Is there one that works?  I almost gave up but then I found this one.  It is similar to Sephora's version but costs less than half the price of it.  You can find this one on ebay.  Everything about it is just right.  The length, the curve, the amount of "squeeze" I put into it to hold the lashes and the pressure to apply onto the lashline; all the while being able to see in the mirror!  This is the one!

There you have it, my collection of eyelash applicators accumulated via the Goldilock's Syndrome (this one isn't right method).  In a future post, I will probably show how the last one works so until then stay tuned.

Check out how the last one works in this post here.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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