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Possibly a Drugstore Dupe for NARS Madrague

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

The feeling of wanting a high end product when you don't have the money can sometimes be frustrating.  After all, buying prestige product feels satisfying for a certain amount of time until something new comes along.  Yet, the human is curious and drugstore makeup is right there and easily accessible.  I for one do like to peruse the drugstore stuff and try out lines to see how they compare to pro and high end stuff.  One line I had been curious about was Jordana Cosmetics.

It is a very affordable line with a small selection of eyeshadows. In the stores I go to like Walgreens, the selection of the line is very slim, just a bunch of pencils and eyeshadows.  The eyeshadow duos particularly the Color Effects Eyeshadow Duos in Good Match caught my attention.  Yeah, I know another neutral and maybe for some boring but it is a staple if you are into the neutral/natural look.

For about $3.49 this matte duo is not bad.  The colors are a soft ivory cream and a caramel.  Sometimes, I find drugstore mattes very chalky and scratchy.  The powder doesn't lay right on the skin and just looks awful.  This one is great for a drugstore brand.  I admit it isn't as silky to the touch as high end nor is it as pigmented but it does its job as a good neutral duo.

Looking at NARS Madrague, you can see they are very similar.  If you aren't picky about color then you can say it is a pretty good dupe that is 10x's less in price.  However for the picky ones this is what I find different.  Yes, texture of NARS is much silkier.  The pigment is much better.  Colorwise, Jordana leans towards the yellow spectrum but only slightly.  If I didn't have the Madrague, I would say it was just neutral.  Madrague when seen alone may look warm when it is actuality is a touch cooler in tone meaning there is a very slight undertone of pink/beige.  But it is so slight that it really wouldn't matter much.

Here, you can see on a cotton round the slight difference.  Jordana looks a touch warm and yellow while NARS is more on the soft cool beige side.

So do you pick the drugstore or high end? NARS costs $34 and Jordana costs about $3.40.  Does this pique your curiosity?

*special thanks to Brelki

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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