Look Ravishing with Addixt'n Cosmetics Lipgloss

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Addixt'n Cosmetics is a new line that has some great products.  I am sure you have heard my many raves of their gel liner and if not, you can read about them here.  I don't mean to emphasize my love for only their liners, after all the company does offer a complete line of cosmetics.  One product that I recently tried is one of their lipglosses.

Ravishing Shine Lip Gloss ($8.99) is a semi-opaque lipgloss with major shine and gorgeous shimmer.  The one I have is Allure. The color pretty much will go with any skin tone whether light or dark, cool or warm.  The color is a coral with a slight touch of pink with gorgeous gold shimmer throughout. 

I know some of you hate any stickiness to your lipgloss and this has absolutely none.  In fact, it feels more moisturizing and better than some of the high end glosses I have tried.  The texture is comparable to LORAC glosses which I do like.  So, comparing it to that line will tell you Addixt'n may be cheaper but the quality is there.

Take a look on my lips.  Sexy, right?

If you are looking for a new line to try, give Addixt'n Cosmetics a try because sometimes there are major gems in this line and it deserves your attention.

Disclosure: PR sample. 

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