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Some Green Eyeliners for Your Holiday Makeup

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

These are just some of the green eyeliners I have that would look good for those special holiday parties and get-together. None of them are too outrageous but can be if that is your style.  The price range varies from drugstore affordable to high end chic.  Here are the greens I recommend.

The first set are pencils. I know for some of you, pencils are easier to use and carry, no need to worry about unscrewing a lid and losing it at your in-laws house.  Some of these need a separate pencil sharpener and some have their own in the cap or at the end.  All are long-lasting, so if you are bobbing your head into the oven to baste that turkey, your eyeliner should last.

  • Milani Shadow Eyez in Safari Green ($6.99)-Affordable and popular.  Gorgeously wicked color.  Due to its popularity and easy access, this pencil tends to be sold out.  If you do see it, get it!  Don't rationalize the purchase because the next time you say you want it, someone else has bought it.
  • NARS Rue de Rivoli ($23)-Long-lasting and makeup artist influenced.  This pencil is retractable and has a sharpener housed at the end to bring the tip to a point.  Easy to use and great to travel with.  A must in a travel bag.
  • Kat Von D Autograph in Eyegasm ($18)-A green that is softer and lighter in tone but still worthy of holiday eye makeup.  So smooth in texture and creamy, yet sets to a budgeproof finish.  If you are doubtful of Kat Von D makeup, don't doubt this one.  By the way, it has a handy pencil sharpener in the cap to bring it to a sharp point for tightlining.
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Trio for Green Eyes ($10.95)-Comes in a trio for green eyes.  Why pay attention to the eye color it is aimed at?  This trio is a bargain and found at drugstores.  This skinny retractable pencil is one of the best drugstore eyeliners on the market.  If you ever lose one while traveling, get this one.
  • MAC Powerpoint in Bankroll-I know this is discontinued but I had to include it.  A metallic green with glittery sparkle, perfect for the holidays and not to mention a great name.  Smudge this and use it as an eyeshadow to get that soft sparkle effect on the eyes.
  • LA Splash Glitter Eyeliner in Poison Ivy ($6.99)-This line is found in some beauty supply shops and online.  The quality and influence of a makeup artist line, this is an affordable liner that should be tried.  Easy to apply for a liquid and non-flaking.  This one will bring some bling to those party eyes!
What about the gel eyeliners?  I know gel eyeliners have that special touch when it becomes one with that eyeliner brush.  Fun to play with and to create those awesome winged eyeliner looks.  Gel eyeliners can't be ignored.  Here are four that I have and use because of their texture and not to mention color.

  • Inglot 86 ($12)-If you want the most budgeproof eyeliner out there and are willing to for go its somewhat difficult texture then try Inglot.  This is a basic matte green color.  Nothing fancy but it can be used as a base for other eyeliners.  If you are really good at using Inglot eyeliners, they can also be used as a budgeproof eyeshadow.
  • Sula Cream Shadow in Why Not ($8)-This line is getting hard to find ever since my Ulta stopped carrying the makeup.  Too bad because Sula had great stuff.  One of the items I liked was the cream eyeshadows.  This isn't the gel type that dries out but the cream version.  I have used this not as an eyeshadow but as an eyeliner.  You can use it alone or layer it on top of black to get a different effect.  If you can't find it in stores, check online here.
  • YSL Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils in Jade Black ($25)-This is one of the most gorgeous jewel-toned green eyeliners out there.  High end and luxurious, I found this worth the splurge.  The color is not a blackened green but a deep shimmery emerald.  Nothing bland and boring.  Definitely a color for the holidays.
  • Addixt'n Ravishing Gel Liners in Pulsing ($12.99)-If you haven't heard of this line, then you are missing out.  The eyeliners are pigmented, creamy, and long-lasting.  The color I chose is more of a golden green, one of the lighter colors and perfect for light skin or anyone who doesn't want a dark eyeliner.  Gorgeous shimmer and color, even if you like dark eyeliner, this one is a great one just to have.
There you have it my green eyeliner collection worthy enough for the holidays.  Remember, whatever look you choose during the holidays, just don't end up looking like some floozie from the street!  Stay gorgeous and safe so you can make it to another gorgeous makeup year!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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