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Lip Products Worth the Attention of the World by Manna Kadar

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Just earlier this year in January I reviewed Manna Kadar Cosmetics in this post.  Now, in just a few months and at the closing of the year, the line has grown into a well-respected cosmetic line with a complete array of high quality products.  The line has also formed a partnership with The Ellen Show.  (Ellen knows what is good!)

In this post I feature two of Manna Kadar lip products: Lipstick and Glossware

Lola Lipstick ($21)-This is a peachy/pink with gold shimmer; perfect everyday color doesn't overpower the complexion nor wash it out.  You know how some lipsticks are just too overpowering in color and just draw too much attention to the lips and away from the rest of the face?  This one doesn't do that instead it balances out with the rest of the face.  Besides being a gorgeous color.  The texture creamy smooth yet applies easily like lipbalm.  Not one of those slick and slippery lipsticks where it takes a few strokes for color to appear smoothly or one that needs a lipbrush for precision application.  The coverage it offers is anywhere from sheer to a medium glossy coverage.  With ingredients like Vitamin E and Apricot Oil, the lips are left moist with none of the heavy, waxy, dry feeling.  The lipstick has a slight vanilla scent to it also but nothing cloying.

I haven't had problems with it bleeding around the lipline, but if you do, I suggest the Prime Time  reviewed here.  I did use the product in the pictures around the lipline because it gives a nice highlighting effect.

Watermelon Glossware ($19)-Yes, this color resembles the color of the watermelon (without the rind and seeds).  A sheer and vibrant red with a touch of coolness, this is a gloss for the ones who like staying power.  For the sake of its power to stay on and to provide a major vinyl shine, it is a sticky gloss.  (Actually, I had to ask someone who didn't like sticky glosses to tell me this because I like sticky glosses and they are pretty much the norm for me.)  The tacky texture is felt in the beginning but the layer is smoothed out into a nice glossy finish which lasts on bare lips and on top of lipstick.  There is a soft scent vanilla and again nothing cloying.

Here is a picture of my lips with it alone.

And here it is layered on top of Lola.  They go so well together, a perfect couple!

What do I think about lip products?  You need to try them because for one, why go for the usual brands you see advertised all the time?  Two-why not try a brand that strives in high quality yet offers "beauty simplified" for women of all ages.  Three-the line won't disappoint.  And four-Manna Kadar deserves a shout out for creating cosmetics for real women!

Disclosure: PR Sample

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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