Flashin' My Bundt

This post is off my usual makeup posts.  I figured you should take a peek at how I spend my time off the net.  I am baking!

Winter is here and that means insulating myself with blubber.  I need that blubber to give me energy and to keep me warm.  And a great way to gain some blubber is by baking a cake.

Thanks to @redbuttongirl I was alerted to this great Lemon Yoghurt cake recipe found on the Baking Bar blog.

The yoghurt and the six eggs makes this one of the most moist cakes I have ever made.  The cake isn't too sweet, nor is it overpowering in the lemon. 

I wouldn't call this a beginners cake since it does require some delicate handling due to the folding in of egg whites, but nothing to be nervous about just takes some patience (and upper arm strength which I found out I lack).

Since this is in metric measurements, I did use a kitchen scale rather than calculating "cup" equivalents.  However, I did set my oven temperature to 325ยบ F and baked for 55 minutes.  Your time may vary.  This is how my cake turned out.

See my bundt, isn't it pretty?  I did make a simple lemon glaze for the cake to soak.  Pure yum and just pure joy.  If you get the chance, try out this recipe, it won't disappoint.

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