Beauty Blog Advent Calendar Day 4 - Concealing Obsessively

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There is a concealer that really has been praised by pros and non-pros.  Praised because it is vegan and is highly concentrated.  This concealer can also be used as a foundation or mixed with a foundation.  It comes in a variety of tones to suit and adjust to every skin tone.  Yes, I put it on my wishlist.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Concealer ($20USD) is rumored to be one of the best out there because of its formula and reliability.  If this concealer is anything liked their lip tars in the fleshtones (they have been renamed)  which I often used as face products and even concealer, I know this will cover and look flawless.  So put this on your wishlist because it is on mine.

picture courtesy of OCC

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