Beauty Blog Advent Calendar Day 11 - Pen to Paper

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Ever since I could remember, I have been fascinated with movies that show that dusty leather-bound journal with handwritten notes and pictures.  I have always wanted to own one for my pleasure.  Now, though with a computer I have the world wide web with me but I realize it isn't the same.

 Okay, so this isn't a beauty product but writing is beauty.  Pressing pen to paper may feel antiquated to some.   For me it is stimulating.  Holding a pen and guiding each stroke onto pulped wood reveals a new dance.  The ink blotting strokes synchronized with the words in my brain make me believe that I am actually making words dance upon paper.  I can gather my thoughts from my vast array of files in my past, present, and possibly future.  My worldwide web is my imagination--a box of originality that no one can explore.  Every stroke of my pen explores the crevices of my mind.  This is why I wish for a red leather journal from The Orange Windmill.  Nothing can replace the feeling of pen hitting paper. 

picture from The Orange Windmill

Am I old fashioned? To some I am, but to me I feel the love of words coming alive.  Yes, I need a journal to forget the finger-pouncing trauma of my computer keyboard.  I need to explore the vast hills and valleys of my mind!

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