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A Review of December Starbox - Monthly Subscription of Starlooks

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

If you are one who likes surprises and likes makeup more than skin care products then Starlooks could be for you.  Starlooks not only offers their own line of cosmetics, they also offer a monthly subscription Starbox for a low monthly fee of $15 plus $1.98 shipping.  (For international customers, it will be higher.)  Each month a box will contain 3-4 FULL SIZE makeup products for you to enjoy.  I recently started subscribing to this and this is what I got.  Is it worth it?

For December the subscription box contained one BIG eyeshadow palette instead of the usual 3 to 4 products.  The palette contains the colors from the color wheel; a nice pop of color to the neutrals I have.  The palette alone retails for $99.

This is what I think about Starbox and the products.  I did pay for this and this is my first box.  I can only judge the eyeshadow palette and this is what I think.  Knowing that the December special was a full size eyeshadow palette worth $99 did capture my attention.  However, like all monthly subscriptions, not knowing which palette (i107A) received is the surprise.

I do like this eyeshadow palette for its colors and like I mentioned it would be a nice addition to the neutrals I have.  The palette may be purchased at its regular price of $99 on the website.  Would I purchase it at that price? No.  Honestly, I would rather spend that money on a palette of pro eyeshadows.  However, for the monthly subscription fee of $15 the palette is worth it.

Although, the colors aren't as saturated as the pro/theatrical brands.  The pigment is there and the texture ranks up there with the high end brands.  The eyeshadows are well made and are pressed firmly.  The formula feels creamy smooth. The colors are as follows: Red-matte red/orange, shimmer red/orange with a tinge of pink, copper; Violet-plum/wine shimmer, matte charcoal plum, frosty lilac; Blue-azure (vibrant shimmery blue), shimmery cerulean, soft shimmer iris; Green-shimmery forest green, shimmery emerald green, shimmery turquoise; Yellow-shimmery caramel, shimmery burnt orange, frosty golden yellow ivory.

I played with the red/yellow group.

The products offered by Starlooks may lack the fancy packaging of those elite cosmetic houses, but for $15 a month, Starbox is definitely worth the fun!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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