Beauty Blog Advent Calendar Day 13 - Pearly Brights

I know some of you are true neutral eyeshadow lovers and never stray from them.  Yet, what happens when you want bright colors just to add that blink of color? And, what happens if you want one that is truly a smooth formula that works on all ages and skin types, do you go to every cosmetic counter and test everyone? No, just get a palette of brights!

Viseart is one company that knows what an eyeshadow should look and feel like.  I have raved many times over about their neutral eyeshadow set for its smooth powdery feel.  Well, add to those neutrals some Pearl Brights ($80USD)--The Eyeshadow Palette Basic 02.

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This is a set of brightly colored and smoothly luscious shadows that can be combined with any other shadows or used alone to create looks that are wearable on a person of any age.  Mature skin friendly is what I like about Viseart.  That is why I trust their shadows and not to mention have developed a lemming for this palette!

By the way, Viseart is now sold at Camera Ready Cosmetics.

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