Pantone Picks Emerald and I Pick ...

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Pantone color of the year is Emerald, specifically 17-5641.  This is a very beautiful jewel-toned green.  Nothing faded or bland, just a luscious green that endures all that is bad to make life good.  For me this color is epitomized by not makeup but my new favorite show of the year.

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If you have never watched the Arrow starring Stephen Amell who plays Oliver Queen, a once young and cocky guy who found himself stranded on an island for five tortuous years to return home to become the man his father failed to be.  Haven't seen this show? Then I can say this, "YOU have failed TV watching, my friend!" 

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This is an action packed show with a guy who is seen shirtless at least once in every show and with such great muscular structure, the actual plot of the show is often forgotten.  Oh, did I mention there is also a stellar cast including John Barrowman and Colin Salmon?

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For me, Emerald has nothing to do with makeup, it all has to do with the Arrow.  Yes, Oliver Queen you have successfully and fashionably become one of the great Pantone colors of the year!

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